Crimson Commerce

Coming in 2024! The University of Denver is implementing Crimson Commerce, a comprehensive Procure-to-Pay (P2P) system that provides a centralized platform for contract management, e-procurement, sourcing, and shopping for goods & services. 

This new system, contracted through Jaggaer, plays a vital role in advancing DU's first strategic imperative, which is to:

Secure a sustainable future for the next generation by enhancing our financial, reputational, and operational approaches


Benefits of Crimson Commerce P2P 

Increased Efficiency All automated workflows and approval processes will be consolidated into a single tool.
Increased Compliance, Scalability & Flexibility A centralized platform will serve as the singular repository for vendor contracts and associated documents.
Cost Savings Advanced reporting features provide visibility into spending patterns and enable strategic sourcing of vendors based on volume and behavior.
Improved User Experience The system provides a simplified purchasing process utilizing electronic catalogs and supplier portals.
Promotes Adherence to DU protocols The system’s enhanced controls concerning contract visibility, technology inquiries, and the financial scrutiny of high-dollar contracts promote adherence to DU’s financial, IT, and data security protocols.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 - Scheduled for 2024 Phase 2 - Scheduled for 2025
  • Contract Management (Contracts+) - May
  • e-Procurement
  • Invoicing 
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Digital Capture
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Contracts+, the Contracts Management module of Crimson Commerce, is the first module to go live (on May 15th). DU administrators have a centralized platform for submitting contract requests, approving requests and tracking the approval status. Crimson Commerce Contracts+ also serves as a secure repository for storing and referencing completed contracts. Contracts+ transforms contract management by streamlining workflows and increasing transparency.

Contract Request Workflow 

Step 1 - Contract Request Entry

Administrative employees with access to the system complete and submit a Contract Request for approval.  All contract details are entered, and the proposed contract and any other pertinent documents are attached.

Step 2 - Approval Process

The Contract Request progresses through an electronic approval queue which includes the Business Officer and other relevant category approvers. For example, a software request will go to IT for approval. These approvers evaluate the business case, budget, and operational considerations when reviewing the request.

Step 3 - Approved Request Converts to a Contract

The UFS Contracts team is the final stop for the Contract Request. Once the request is approved by UFS, the contract documents advance to the Contract Review workflow, where evaluation and revisions of contract language, terms, and addendums occur and the contract is executed.

With Crimson Commerce, all requests and contracts are stored and managed within one system for clear transparency, compliance, and easy reference!

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Contract Request and Approval training resources will be developed and published between 5/1 and 5/15. 

Demo sessions will be offered post 5/15. Check back for future Crimson Commerce updates, resources, and training opportunities.

For questions regarding purchasing or contracts contact University Financial Services at 303-871-7600 or

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