Payroll and PioneerTime

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For Business Officers

Electronic W-2 Forms

Although it is not required, many employees find electronic delivery of their W-2 forms preferable to having these critical tax documents sent through the mail. The deadline to give your consent is January 14, 2021.

To provide consent, log in to MyDU and navigate to the Employee Tab > My Resources (left-hand side of the screen) > Employee Information > Tax Forms > Electronic W-2 Consent.

Advantages to Electronic W-2 Forms

  • Precludes the risks of sending personal information through the mail
  • Provides electronic access to all W-2 documents, including prior years
  • Helps support DU Impact 2025 Strategic Initiative 3: Sustainable DU by reducing the University's carbon footprint

If you prefer to receive a paper W-2 form, we recommend logging in to MyDU to verify your current mailing address.

For Supervisors

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