Email Signature Standard

As we move to OneDU, how we show up consistently across our digital communications will advance and elevate our work quickly. Below you will find a new email signature standard that has been established for the University.

Please highlight the copy and logo image, paste into your Outlook signature and update the copy to your information. 

  • The signature below is provided for use by DU students, faculty and staff.
  • Content within the signature can be edited to include additional information, such as pronouns or an additional title or unit, but the template (order of content, font, formatting) should not be altered.
  • Development of an official email signature generator is currently underway, and its release is anticipated this summer. The generator will allow you to personalize the standard to fit your needs and share additional information, such as your image, DU’s land acknowledgment, pronouns, multiple affiliations and more, without spacing or font challenges. Until our official email signature generator is available, please feel free to add your own pronouns next to your name and additional information below the DU logo.
  • Additional guidance on email signatures:

Please note: The font and the line spacing may appear different when pasted into your email than you see in the web page. The pasted font will use Neue Haas Grotesk if available, or the default san-serif font installed on your system if Neue Haas Grotesk is not available.