DU’s institutional fonts are a core piece of the brand. Use these when identifying the University and its divisions.

Neue Haas Unica

DU’s primary font, Neue Haas Unica, should be used as the foundational font in all communications and marketing materials. Available in a variety of font weights and offering flexibility, it should be used to convey the University’s confidence and focus on creating a better future today.

When Neue Haas Unica is unavailable, Neue Haas Grotesk Text Pro is an acceptable system-standard alternate.

examples of neue haas font

Personality Fonts

The University of Denver offers a suite of secondary personality fonts that you are encouraged to use as appropriate in your communications, particularly in headlines. When choosing, ask yourself the following questions and be confident in your rationale:

Does this font provide the right feeling for the content of this communication?

Is this font being used in a way that speaks to the personality of my audience?

examples of DU personality fonts