Voice & Brand Personality

The words we use define who we are as much as our actions. And the way we say them speaks to the heart to set us apart.

Our brand voice is timeless and cumulative, embodying the many individuals who make up our community. It’s the expression of our identity and who we are as a community. Our voice is thoughtful and thought-provoking. At times, it is creative and savvy as it radiates the confidence coming from our student body and visionary community. Similarly, it remains open to new learning and perspectives even as it boldly asks the necessary questions that lead to meaningful solutions and drive transformative change.

When using our voice to craft a particular message or appeal to a specific audience, it is useful to understand the key aspects of our character—the traits that make us who we are as a unified community and create our personality. Distilling our brand voice into our key attributes allows for clarity and consistency in our messaging as well as authentic dimensions reflective of the diversity of our community. Just remember—we are the sum of all aspects of our personality at the end of the day. As you become comfortable with the voice or if you are speaking to multiple audiences, feel free to weave aspects of all of who we are into your messaging.

Leaning into one of the distillations noted on the accompanying page can help you connect and communicate with your particular audience. When choosing a set of attributes to utilize in any message, consider the particulars of the story you’re telling, the tone you want to convey, the takeaways and feelings you want to elicit, and which of our brand traits might best resonate with your target audience.

We Are...

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Determined Engagers

Resilient and tenacious, driven by overcoming challenges through grit and determination. Delivers surprising strength, perseverance and toughness. Values fortitude and hard work and rises to every occasion. Willing to take risks, experiment and move boldly. Causes people to feel motivated and purposeful.

  • Resilient
  • Inquisitive
  • Enterprising
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Influential Idealists

Accomplished and assertive, driven by beauty and excellence in all forms. Delivers stability, pride and vitality. Values, balance, intentionality and accomplishment. Learns from new perspectives and catalyzes change by turning values into action. Embraces diversity and leads others for the good of the community. Causes people to feel confident and inspired.

  • Established
  • Prominent
  • Inspiring
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Innovative Visionaries

Brilliant and transformative, driven by the true desire to create a better future for all. Delivers progress, ingenuity and radical outcomes. Values newness and experimentation. Seeks tomorrow’s answers and finding leading-edge unprecedented solutions by asking critical questions today.  Causes people to feel awe and amazement.

  • Intelligent
  • Experiential
  • Forward-thinking

Our Voice Is...












Our Voice Is Not...












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Connecting Our Voice to Storylines

Our innovative vision illuminates a brighter world

At the University of Denver, we gaze with unparalleled insight into the world around us. Our insight begins in diligent study, grows through life-changing learning experiences, and flourishes as we discover transformative solutions to global challenges. Our culture of curiosity inspires our students to serve their communities and travel the world as innovators, strengthening their minds, building their confidence, and stretching their sense of the possible until they are ready to lead with unmistakable vision.

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Our record of excellence inspires ceaseless ambition

At the University of Denver, our record of accomplishment and global impact inspires us to serve a world that looks to us for leadership. We are constantly setting goals that we are not sure how to reach, trusting that our deepest values and noblest ideals will guide us. We treasure diverse and distinct perspectives, certain that as we strengthen the abilities of every student and learn from unique visions of the future, we enrich the world around us.

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Our relentless determination fuels transformative growth

At the University of Denver, we embrace every challenge with determination, passion, and courage that unlocks new possibilities. We build a culture that celebrates risk-taking, fearless questioning, and forging unlikely collaborations that reveal unexpected strength. We seek always to embody the inclusivity, persistence, and dedication that drive personal growth and social change.