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Put 303-871-3000 in your phone today!

Emergency Number

DU Emergency Number: 303-871-3000

The DU Emergency number is available any time you’re experiencing an emergency or need help. Trained professionals will direct you to the assistance you need.

Save the DU Emergency number in your phone so you can call it any time you need help.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call the DU Emergency number?
The DU Emergency number is available 24 hours a day, any time you need help, whether you are currently having an emergency or you’re dealing with a crisis in your life. (If you’re having a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 first, then call the DU Emergency number.) 


Examples of when you might call the DU Emergency number:

  • You’re having a medical emergency. (If it is a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 first.)
  • You’re in fear for your safety. (If you’re in a life-threatening situation, dial 911 first.)
  • You've been a victim of a crime.
  • You're experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis.
  • You're concerned about the well-being of a friend or colleague at the University.
Who will I talk to if I call the DU Emergency number? 

The DU Emergency number is answered 24 hours a day by trained representatives in the Department of Campus Safety. Every representative who answers the phone is trained to help put you in touch with the right resource quickly.

Will my call be confidential?
Yes, your call is confidential unless you choose to officially document the incident. You won’t be required to provide your name or identifying information when you call. The nature of the call (but not your identity) will be logged to comply with safety regulations. Your identity won’t be reported unless you choose to file a formal complaint.
Can I call CAPE or another resource directly?
Yes. At any time, you’re welcome to call any of the University’s other resources, such as the Health and Counseling Center, or CAPE. But if you’re currently having an emergency or crisis, we encourage you to call the DU Emergency number directly, so that you can quickly be connected to the best resource for you.

EMERGENCY resources for the campus community

Campus Safety

Campus Safety provides safety and crime prevention resources for the University.

Emergency phone: 303-871-3000
Nonemergency phone: 303-871-2334