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Office of Financial Aid

Financial Wellness


CashCourse - Your Real-Life Money Guide

The DU Financial Aid office has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education to bring DU students a FREE online financial literacy resource called CashCourse . This tool is designed to help students build the financial skills they need to get through school and prepare for future financial challenges.

The CashCourse site contains:

  • Information that's easy to understand and continually updated
  • Helpful content such as articles, videos and a financial dictionary
  • An e-learning center with quizzes, worksheets, calculators and a budget wizard

CashCourse topics include:

  • Creating a budget and tips to save money
  • Financial aid and paying back student loans
  • How to get and keep a good credit score
  • Saving, investing and retirement benefits
  • Comparing job offers and calculating future salary
  • Shopping and spending tips

Visit CashCourse today!