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Undergraduate Financial Aid

Applying for Aid

Transfer Students

2017-18 Financial Aid Application Process

Are you starting at DU in the fall quarter of 2017, or the winter, spring or summer quarters of 2018 and want to apply for need-based financial aid? Follow the steps below. Remember: you're automatically considered for merit scholarships when you apply for admission—no separate application is required.

Requirements to Apply




2017-18 CSS Profile

School code: 4842

Noncustodial Parent Profile

Only needed if your parents are divorced, separated, or were never married.
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Needed to complete the FAFSA

2017-18 Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

School code: 001371

2015 Parent(s) Tax Return
(this is different than a copy of a 1040)

Go to and click on
"Get a tax transcript"

Be sure to submit a tax return transcript, not a tax account transcript.

2015 Parent(s) W-2 Forms


Submit to our office.

*The CSS Profile application—provided through the College Board—is used to determine your eligibility for institutional aid. If you wish to apply for only federal aid (Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Perkins loan, Direct loans, and/or the Parent PLUS loan), you just need to submit the FAFSA.

Tax Return Transcripts

We need a copy of your parent(s) 2015 tax return transcripts to complete your financial aid application. Note that a tax return transcript is not just a copy of your tax return (1040). Tax transcripts must be obtained directly from the IRS.

To download a copy of your tax transcript online, go to and click on the "Get a tax transcript" link under the Tools section. Be sure to get a tax return transcript (not tax account transcript). Review our How-To Guide for more information.

When to Expect Your Award Letter

Once all requirements have been submitted, we will send you a financial aid award letter. The earliest you will receive an award letter for the 2017-18 academic year will be in mid-December. Otherwise, you can expect to receive it within 2-3 weeks.