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Institutional Research & Analysis

Photo of fountain behind Mary Reed Building.

Institutional Research & Analysis

Culturally Engaging Campus Environments (CECE) Survey

The CECE Survey was developed by the National Institute for Transformation and Equity, in order to assess and understand institutions' campus environments and to maximize success
among diverse students. The CECE Survey includes 9 indicators.

(1) 5 Cultural Relevance indicators: 

  • Cultural Familiarity
  • Culturally Relevant Knowledge
  • Cultural Community Service
  • Meaningful Cross-Cultural Engagement
  • Cultural Validation 

(2) 4 Cultural Responsiveness indicators:

  • Collectivist Cultural Orientations
  • Humanized Educational Environments
  • Proactive Philosophies
  • Holistic Support



Primary Sponsor: DU Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence
Vendor: National Institute for Transformation and Equity (NITE)
Timing: Winter/Early Spring
Frequency: Every other year
Last Administration: 2017
Population: The undergraduate students and the graduate students
Results Available: Fall


Survey Results

The purpose of this assessment was to understand how DU cultivates an inclusive, equitable, and supportive campus environment for diverse students.