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Meal Plans

Commuter Student & Employee Meal Plans

For the academic year 2020 – 2021, faculty, staff, commuter students, off-campus students, and upper class students may purchase a commuter and employee meal plan that can be used at DU campus dining locations, including the Rebecca Chopp Grand Central Market in Community Commons. Commuter and employee meal plans are offered in two packages: a 50 block package and a 10 block package.

First and second year students wishing to inquire about a 125, 150, or 175 meal block plan can find information on Housing and Residential Education's website. Click here for more information from the University's HRE website.


The 50 block plan includes 50 meals that can be used for yourself or as guest meals, and includes $230 in meal plan cash, which can be used at any DU retail dining location. Each purchase of a 50 meal block plan includes $230 in meal plan cash—therefore, each time you purchase a 50 block meal plan, an additional $230 in meal plan cash is added to your account. This plan can be purchased for $671 per 50 block plan. The 50 block plan's meals and meal plan cash both expire at the end of the academic quarter in which they were purchased and is non-refundable.


The 10 block plan is designed for those who are on campus less frequently, but still want the value and convenience of dining in our campus dining halls. This plan comes with 10 meals which can also be used either for yourself or as guest meals. The 10 block plan can be purchased for $95. The 10 block plan expires on at the end of the academic year and is non-refundable. Multiple 10 blocks may be purchased if desired.


For instructions on how to purchase these plans, please click the relevant link on the left hand menu.