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November 2012

DU "three for three" in NSF research awards

(Nov. 14, 2012) The University of Denver has received three of the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation Awards. Considering the NSF program only allows three submissions from any one institution, funding of all three DU submissions is very rare. Congratulations to these principal investigators:

    • Sandra Eaton, PI, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (co-investigators: Gareth Eaton, George Rinard, Richard Quine) Development of an Innovative EPR Spectrometer

      Proposal: We will develop a spectrometer with digital source and high-speed detection to study substances with unpaired electrons. A single system will have the capability to do a wide range of experiments that currently require multiple spectrometers. This technique has applications in biology, materials science and chemistry.

    • Paul Rullkoetter, PI, School of Engineering & Computer Science (co-investigators: Bradley Davidson, Peter Laz, Kevin Shelburne, Clare Fitzpatrick) Acquisition of a Biplane Fluoroscopy System for Dynamic Imaging of an In-vivo Human Motion

      Proposal: Designing safe and reliable medical devices, discovering the mechanical foundation of orthopaedic pathologies, and improving current treatments each requires accurate and precise measurement of human motion. Our NSF-funded project is to assemble a biplane fluoroscopy system (essentially dynamic X-ray) that performs high-fidelity measurement of human skeletal motion and is able to capture movements at high speeds or with a large field of view. The system will provide the accuracy and precision necessary to measure complex joint motions in the knee, spine, hand, foot and shoulder.

  • Kimon Valavanis, PI, School of Engineering & Computer Science (co-investigators: Mathew Rutherford, Mohammad Mahoor, David Gao, Jun Jason Zhang, Yun Bo Yi) Integrated, Intelligent, Autonomous Unmanned Mobile Sensor

    Proposal: Through this proposal, we will develop one integrated, multi-functional instrument composed of two components: a prototype lightweight unmanned helicopter and a general-purpose landing platform that will also serve as a refueling/recharging station and data relay/repository. This coupled system will function as a mobile sensor serving as an autonomous node in a distributed wireless sparse mobile network of robot teams.