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Graduate Tuition & Fees

Use the tuition calculator to estimate your tuition rate per credit and annual tuition cost according to your degree/program, and find the most common fees assessed to graduate students

The tuition calculator only estimates your charges; it does not reflect any scholarships, tuition waivers, or other aid that would reduce your cost. Wondering what your out-of-pocket costs will be? If you've already received your financial aid offer, you can estimate your bill to determine what you might owe each quarter/semester after your aid has paid.

How to use the tuition calculator:

  • Select "plan to enroll" if you're a prospective student looking for the tuition rate for a program you're interested in applying to. Select "currently enrolled" if you're currently enrolled in a DU graduate program and wish to view that program's tuition rate.
  • Be sure to select the correct academic year:
    • The current academic year is the 2022-2023 academic year, which includes the 2022 fall term, and the winter, spring, and summer terms of 2023.
    • The next academic year is the 2023-2024 academic year, which includes the 2023 fall term, and the winter, spring, and summer terms of 2024. Tuition rates for the 2024-2025 academic year will not be available until early 2024.
  • The number of credits you will take per year will depend on your program. If you aren't sure, contact your academic department. For three quarters (or two semesters for law programs):
    • Full-time students generally take between 30-54 credits per year.
    • Part-time students generally take between 12-24 credits per year.

Graduate Program Tuition Calculator

Please note that the tuition rates for the 2024-2025 academic year have not yet been announced. Choosing "next academic year" in the drop-down below will display the tuition rate for 2023-2024. New tuition rates are typically announced in February.

Choose One
Pricing information for the next academic year was not available. The displayed pricing is for the current academic year (2022-2023).
Tuition Rate per Credit:
Estimated Annual Tuition:
This is the estimated tuition for the academic year and is based on taking the selected number of credits per year. Your actual tuition charges will depend on the number of classes you take. This estimate does not reflect any scholarships, tuition waivers, or other aid which would reduce your cost. The current Academic Year is fall 2022, winter 2023, spring 2023, and summer 2023.
Rates for that term in the academic year have not been set yet. The next Academic Year is fall 2023, winter, 2024, spring 2024, and summer 2024.
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Graduate Student Fees

These are the fees for the 2023-2024 academic year, which includes the 2023 fall term, and the winter, spring and summer terms of 2024, and are the most common fees assessed to graduate students. Some courses may have additional fees not listed here, and a late registration fee is assessed to most students who have not registered by the first day of classes. For more information about billing and tuition payments, visit the Bursar's Office website.

2023-2024 Fees
Fee Amount When Fee is Assessed
Technology Fee $4/credit Every quarter/semester
Health Insurance* $1,885 Fall and spring terms only
Health & Counseling Fee** - Graduate students $233 Every quarter
Health & Counseling Fee** - Law students Enrolled in 8 or more credits: $350
Enrolled in less than 8 credits: $233
Every semester
Graduate Activity Fee $10 Every quarter
Graduate RTD College Pass $43 Every quarter
Law Activity Fee Enrolled in 1-11 credits: $27
Enrolled in 12+ credits: $41
Fall and spring semesters
Law Transportation Fee $65 Every semester
Law Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fee
(JD students only)
$90 First semester only
Korbel School of International Studies Student Fee $30 Every quarter
Lamont School of Music Student Fee $95 Every quarter
Transportation & Supply Chain Institute Program and Tech Fee $360 Every quarter
Continuous Enrollment Fee $250 Every quarter
(if all coursework is completed)
Agency Sponsored Student Fee $150 Every quarter

*Most full-time graduate students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. You may waive participation in this program if you are covered under another insurance plan.

**The health and counseling fee is automatically assessed each term to students registered in six or more credits and covers many services provided at the Health & Counseling Center. Graduate students may waive participation in this program.