Managing Your Aid

You've received your financial aid award — now what? It's essential that you understand your financial aid award to effectively finance your education. On these pages, you'll learn how to monitor your financial aid status, manage your costs and take the necessary steps to receive your aid.

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    Checking Your Status

    Every element of your financial aid can be managed online, from checking application status to receiving your refund.

    Checking Your Status

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    Understanding Your Aid Offer & Next Steps

    We offer you a variety of resources to help you understand and secure your financial aid offer.

    Understanding Your Aid Offer & Next Steps

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    Managing Unmet Costs

    While we do our best to provide all available aid, many students seek financial assistance from outside the University in order to fully cover their costs. We provide resources to assist in that process.

    Managing Unmet Cost

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    Your Bill & Receiving Your Aid

    We'll make sure you fully understand the process of receiving your aid, applying it against your bill and receiving any refunds you may be owed.

    Your Bill & Receiving Your Aid



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