Steps to Check Your Status

Regularly checking your financial aid status is a critical step in ensuring you receive your financial aid in a timely manner. You can manage all aspects of your financial aid and stay on top of your application and award status online. You may have additional requirements after your award is accepted.


  1. Log into PioneerWeb.
  2. Click on the Student tab.
  3. Review the “Financial Aid Requirements” box.
  4. A green check mark in the “Status” column indicates received applications and materials.
  5. Keep up-to-date on additional requirements once you’ve accepted your financial aid offer, indicated by red flags listed in the “Status” column. Click on the flagged item to learn more.

General Timelines

  • 7-10 days for DU to receive your FAFSA
  • 1-3 days for your student record to reflect submitted documents
  • 2-3 days for your student record to reflect completed loan requirements
  • 3-5 days for a Graduate PLUS or private loan to appear on your student record after you apply

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