Campus Safety

Located in a bustling residential neighborhood seven miles south of downtown, DU is as safe an urban school as you are likely to find. Our presence shaped the area, and most local businesses are neighborhood shops that cater to students, faculty and members of the greater community.

We're committed to ensuring our students never feel threatened or uncomfortable. Trained professional safety officers monitor campus around the clock. Any DU student is free to request an officer escort at any time. Only those with proper identification can access our residence halls, and we offer reports and alerts to keep students up-to-date on any security concerns.

The closest Denver Police Department station is just half a mile away. Coming to college can be intimidating, but we make sure our students have as little to fear on campus as possible.

So that our students are protected and informed, we offer a variety of services and resources.

Student Resources

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Notifications & Alerts

The DU Alert system sends immediate notifications, warning the campus community of any potential threat. Alerts go out for everything from severe weather to crime. Users may opt in to receive text and telephone messages, but all community members receive notifications via email. We send out all alerts on Twitter at @uofdenver.

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Safety Training

The Department of Campus Safety offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to learn about safety topics, all free of charge. Topics include:

  • CPR training
  • Fire safety
  • Intro to self-defense
  • Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)

Our Health and Counseling Center also offers classes on violence and suicide prevention.

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A Community Approach to Safety

Campus Safety is an acknowledged part of the community, engaging and developing relationships with student clubs, staff/faculty groups and community organizations. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel a DU representative acted inappropriately, we have multiple methods of filing complaints. We treat every one with the utmost seriousness.



911 then 303-871-3000
1-3000 if on campus phone
in the event of an emergency, TTY users should call 911 directly


1-2334 if on campus phone
TTY users please use 711

Anonymous Tip Line

1-3130 if on campus phone


Campus Safety, MSC 6200
University of Denver
2130 S. High St.
Denver, CO 80208-6200