Campus Inclusiveness

More than a niche

With a strengthened commitment to diversity on campus, we strive to make space for every individual, every group and every voice. We believe true inclusiveness means seeking out those voices and inviting them into the conversation through cultural events, intergroup dialogues and support services dedicated to students from historically underrepresented groups and identities. After all, college is about discovering yourself and finding the people and passions that make you feel at home. Join us in growing our community.

Diversity at DU

On our campus, you'll find groups and leadership programs designed for students and community members from historically marginalized groups. These provide common ground and support from those who share your identity and who can offer empathetic perspectives. We believe in helping students from every background thrive and find their home on our campus, whether that's through cultural activities, the Diversity Summit or student groups organized around shared culture.

Diversity at DU

Campus Crossings

Students attend graduation at the University of Denver.
Momentum Scholarships

Chancellor Emerita Rebecca Chopp launched the Momentum Scholarship Challenge, a program that will endow $45 million in scholarship funding in an effort to eliminate the need gap for undergraduates.

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DU hockey, one of the 16 varsity sports played by 59 international student athletes.
Diversity & Athletics

DU athletics truly demonstrate the diverse and international nature of our student body. Fifty nine international student athletes from 19 countries on six continents participate in the 16 varsity programs at DU.

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The Center for Multicultural Excellence

Our Center for Multicultural Excellence provides programs and ways to get involved for students of all backgrounds.

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International Student & Scholar Services

Almost 10 percent of our student population joins us from outside the United States. The Office of International Student & Scholar Services provides a gathering place for international students and a range of support services to help maintain a comfortable and productive learning environment.

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LGBTIQ Services

Composed of students, faculty and administrative staff, LGBTIQ Services provides a range of advocacy, programming, support and community-building programs designed to celebrate and foster openness toward students of all sexual identities.

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Services for Latinos & Latinas

Working with our alumni community and current student body, we provide our Latino and Latina students with connections and career advising, as well as scholarship resources for students seeking financial assistance.

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Native American Community Relations & Programs

Recognizing our complicated past with Native Americans, we embrace and acknowledge our path to healing with our Native communities. By providing dedicated staff to support current students, recruit future students and build lasting partnerships with Native communities, we strive to foster an inclusive campus community.

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Veterans Services

We're proud to be ranked among the nation's best universities for veterans. To enhance that commitment, we guide our veteran students through admission, degree selection and a career search after graduation.

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Access and Transitions

Access and Transitions provides support for first generation and minoritized students by:

  • creating community activities
  • offering mentorship
  • hosting academic success workshops
  • promoting leadership development

From years-long support programs to one-time workshops, we offer tons of services to help you get the most of your DU experience.