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The Best of 2021

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Nicole Militello

Senior Media Relations Specialist

Nicole Militello

A look back at DU’s most popular stories

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Best of 2021

As we say goodbye to 2021, let’s look back at some of the most-read stories of the year. 

Best of 2021 Stats

University News

DU Announces Mountain Campus to Integrate with Urban Student Experience

The University of Denver is reimagining the experience it provides tomorrow’s leaders and professionals as it introduces the new James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus. On Tuesday, the University took a dramatic leap forward in its commitment to providing a transformational 4Dimensional (4D) Experience for students and all in the DU community.

Runner Up: Joy Burns’ Estate Gift Extends Her Legacy of Supporting Students

Research Stories

Black Lives Matter research

Research: Why Was Black Lives Matter So Successful?

In her latest research, Gia Nardini, an assistant professor of marketing at the Daniels College of Business, asks: Why did the Black Lives Matter movement find success? And what can other social movements use to achieve their goals?

Runner Up: New COVID-19 Antibody Test Receives Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA

Faculty Expertise

Q&A: Critical Race Theory in America

From school board meetings to the halls of Congress, the fight over critical race theory in classrooms now is roiling in Washington, D.C. In August, three Republican senators introduced a bill that would ban federal funds for what they deem divisive concepts, such as critical race theory. Deb Ortega, professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, has studied critical race theory and sat with the DU Newsroom to explain and clarify the ideology.

Runner Up: Q&A: DU Professor Explains COVID-19 Aerosol Transmission

Student Stories

Jack Nathan

Sharing the Legacy of DU Student Jack Nathan at a New York City Gallery

In the middle of New York City’s bustling streets, right by the Brooklyn Bridge, you’ll find a new, colorful, pop-up art gallery. It shares a story best told through the work hanging on the walls. A story of ambition.  A story of grief. And a story of perseverance. The Happy Jack Gallery celebrates the life of the late Jack Nathan, a University of Denver student who died in the summer of 2020.

Runner Up: DU Gymnastics Ready to Embrace the Challenge Inside and Outside the Gym

Alumni Stories

Wedfuly DU Alum

Shark Tank Investor Says “I Do” to DU Alumna’s Wedding Business

After years of hard work, DU alumna Caroline Creidenberg (BS ’17) has found the perfect match to elevate her virtual wedding business via partner Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank. Dressed in all white with a veil, Creidenberg confidently pitched her growing company, Wedfuly, to the sharks on ABC and said “I do” to Herjavec’s offer of $200,000 for 10% equity in the firm.

Runner Up: Gymnastics Provides Avenue to Success for Lynnzee Brown

Field Notes

Best ice cream spots in Denver

DU Field Notes: Denver's Must-Try Ice Cream Spots

In this series, the DU Newsroom introduces readers to the world outside campus by exploring Denver and the near beyond. Opportunities for hiking, biking and skiing get all the attention, but the real perk of Colorado’s claim to 300 days of sunshine each year? Four seasons of ice cream weather. Read about the must-try ice cream spots.

Runner Up: DU Field Notes: The Campus’ Hidden Gems

DU's Podcast, RadioEd

The #FreeBritney Movement: When Conservatorships Turn ‘Toxic’

For decades, Britney Spears has been a fixture not just in pop music but also the headlines. Most recently, it’s not her music drawing attention, but a legal battle she’s been waging against a conservatorship that​ empowers her father to make key decisions on the singer’s behalf. This arrangement, Spears says, has become a tool of abuse, and she’s calling for its end. Tammy Kuennen, a ​Sturm College of Law professor who has litigated multiple conservatorships, tells us what a typical conservatorship entails and how they can sour. 

Runner Up: Gabby Petito: The Impacts of Social Media Sleuthing


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