Gift or Grant

If you are in a position to submit proposals to external funding entities, you need to be aware of the latest guidelines to help you determine how to handle these submissions.

Two departments within the University are in place to manage work with corporate, foundation, organization and government funding: University Advancement (UA) and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). It is very important that you channel proposals to the appropriate department, as there are clear rules and government regulations the University must follow.

While UA and ORSP work closely together to ensure all external funding proposals are managed according to these rules and regulations, it's your responsibility as the originator of a funding request to familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

Please review the attached PDFs for more information on whether your funding proposal should go through University Advancement for Gifts or through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for Grants.

If it is a gift, please contact University Advancement, but if it is a grant, please continue with our Proposal Development steps.