Campus Shuttle

We offer a campus shuttle that runs throughout the day along a set route, along with an on-demand shuttle service. To use either, you'll have to download and use the TripShot app.

The app will allow you to access the ETA of the bus to your pick-up stop as well as to your destination stop. It will also allow you to book on-demand service that will take you to additional stops both on campus, and off-campus.

TripShot Rider App is available again in the Google Play Store.

  • TripShot


    TripShot is an app that will allow you to track and book campus shuttles.


  • Directions for getting the app and signing in
    • Download and open the TripShot app
    • Type in the service name: DUShuttle
    • Select Sign up and enter your DU.EDU email
    • Check your DU.EDU email
    • Click the link in your DU.EDU email to set up your account
    • Open the TripShot app and sign in

Two ways to ride:

Boarding at the Door:

The easiest way to ride, but does not guarantee a seat if the shuttle is full:

  1. Tap on the Boarding icon when at a shuttle stop
  2. When the shuttle approaches the stop it will appear on the screen
  3. Select that shuttle and your boarding pass will generate
  4. Tap on Board when you are asked to conrm
  5. Show your pass to the driver

Reserve your Ride:

For the On-Demand service or when you want to be sure you have a seat on the Set Route:

  1. Tap on Trip Planner
  2. Enter your current location and destination from the drop-down list
  3. Tap on Depart Now to set reservation
  4. From the route details tap on Reserve , If you have a wheelchair, you can indicate that on this screen
  5. Tap on Save
  6. When the shuttle approaches the stop it will appear on the screen
  7. Select that shuttle and your boarding pass will generate
  8. Tap on Board when you are asked to conrm and show your pass to the driver

Rider Guide

Download the PDF


  • Set Shuttle Route

    Operates from 7:15am-5:00pm, Monday - Friday

    Two shuttles run during peak times of 7:15am-10:30am and 2:15pm-5:00pm.

    One shuttle runs during off-peak times of 10:30am-2:15pm.

    1. RTD University Station
    2. Centennial Towers
    3. Sturm Hall
    4. Ricks Center for Gifted Children
    5. Shwayder Art Building
    6. Nagel Hall
    7. Physics Building and Seeley Mudd Crosswalk
    8. Newman Center for the Performing Arts
    9. Parking Lots H1/H2
    10. Nagel Hall
    11. Sturm Hall
    12. Ricks Center for Gifted Children
    13. Shwayder Art Building
    14. Centennial Halls
    Set Shuttle Route with Stops
  • On-Demand Route

    Operates from 10:15am-2:15pm and 5:00pm-7:00pm, Monday - Friday

    Riders must use the app to ride the On Demand route! It is the only way to notify the driver of a rider, provide routing of the bus to riders, direct riders to the stop location, and give riders an alert that the bus is at the stop. If riders want a guest to ride with them, they can add more riders when they request the trip.

    The On-Demand bus can be reserved until 6:30 PM, to allow a ride to be completed before 7:00 PM. View a Google Map of these stops.

    • English Learning Center – 1958 S. Josephine St.
    • Five Guys Restaurant – 2150 S. Colorado Blvd.
    • High and Evans RTD Stop (Fisher Early Learning Center)
    • International House – 2200 S. Josephine St.
    • King Soopers Market – 2750 S. Colorado Blvd.
    • Maria Empanada Restaurant – 1298 S. Broadway
    • Mass Communications – 2490 S. Gaylord St.
    • Safeway Market – 2150 S. Downing St.
    • Stella's Coffee – 1476 S. Pearl St.
    • Shwayder Art Building Bus Loading Zone - 2121 E. Asbury Ave.
  • FAQs

    How do I sign up?

    • Download the Tripshot rider app from your phone's app store.
    • Type in your Service Name, which is DUSHUTTLE.
    • Select Sign Up and enter your valid DU Email.
    • Check your email.
    • Click the link in your DU Email and set up your account.
    • Open the Tripshot app and sign in.


    How do I pay for the shuttle?

    As a student, faculty or staff of the University of Denver, you have access to unlimited ​FREE rides.

    What is the bus route schedule?
    There are 2 shuttle routes which run a west and an east route around the DU campus. The vehicles run from 7am to 7pm. Please check the maps above for pick up and drop off locations around the DU campus as well as route information.

    Is this route available to members of the public?
    This service is currently only offered to DU students, faculty and staff that schedule a ride with the Tripshot rider app.

    What if I need ADA accommodations?
    Both of the routes are wheelchair accessible.

    Is there WiFi?
    No, at this point the shuttles do not have WiFi.

    Is there a bike rack?
    No, at this point the shuttles do not have bike racks.

    How does the shuttle work?
    Schedule your start and end stops using the Tripshot rider app.

    How can I give feedback?
    You can contact MV Transportation at 303-961-6403. This feedback goes directly to the MV Transportation team, who are working to optimize your route and ride experience. You can also contact MV Transportation via email: Please see the Feedback and Contact section of our website if you want to communicate with Parking & Mobility Services.

    What do I do if I left something on my Shuttle?
    You can contact MV Transportation at 303-961-6403 or email: They can search the vehicle you rode for any lost items. Their team can check if any items were turned in by their driver as lost, at their offices. Please note: MV Transportation is not responsible for lost or stolen items on their vehicles.




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