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Undergraduate Financial Aid

Managing Your Aid

Managing Unmet Cost

We recognize that many students and their families face challenges in financing a DU education. Our goal is to help you craft a manageable, customized plan that combines a range of resources—out-of-pocket contribution, scholarships, student employment and loans—to cover the remaining unmet cost of enrollment.

Options to Help Cover Your Unmet Cost

  • Tuition payment plans. The Bursar's Office offers a payment plan that splits the cost of tuition each quarter into two payments. The first payment is due by the first day of classes each term; the second payment is due before priority registration for the following quarter. The application fee is $20. Learn more about payment options through the Bursar's Office.
  • Part-time employment. Consider earning money through student employment. Whether part of the formal Work-Study program or not, part-time jobs can help lessen the financial burden for you and your family. Student Employment can help you find both on- and off-campus job opportunities.
  • Private scholarships. Organizations of all types and sizes sponsor scholarships. Throughout the year, various organizations provide our office with information regarding their private scholarship and grant opportunities. Contact local organizations or search for private scholarship opportunities.
  • Federal Direct PLUS loan. PLUS loans are not included in the initial award letter; however, parents of dependent, undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) may apply for it. Parents may borrow up to the student's total cost of attendance, minus all other financial aid. Learn more about PLUS loans or apply online at
  • Private education loan.  After exhausting all other opportunities, including federal loans, you may consider a private education loan as a source of funding. The terms and interest rates of private loan programs vary, and you may obtain a better interest rate by applying with a credit worthy co-signer. Learn more about private education loans before applying with a lender.