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Using DocuSign

All forms for the 2023-24 academic year can be submitted through DocuSign. DocuSign is an application that allows students to securely complete and sign forms digitally, eliminating the need to print and scan PDF documents.

Email validation is required for all forms. Once signed, DocuSign forms are routed back to our office and will be attached to your student account. Please allow 1-3 days for your checklist to reflect completed forms.

If you experience issues with any forms, have questions, or would prefer to print, sign, and upload a PDF version of a form instead of using DocuSign, please contact us at (303) 871-4020 or

  • Important DocuSign Instructions and Tips
    Important Tips:
    • All forms require email validationOnce you enter your full name and email address, a code will be emailed to you. Look for "Email Validation" in the subject line. You'll then need to copy that code and click on "Resume Signing" to begin completing the form.
    • To submit any form, you will need your DU ID. You can find your DU ID listed at the bottom of every email you receive from Financial Aid. If you aren't sure what your DU ID is, please contact us before submitting any form through DocuSign. Incorrect IDs will cause delays in processing your application.
    • If you need to collect additional information or documentation to complete a form, you can click the "Other Actions" button in the upper right corner and select "Finish Later." Return to your form at any time by clicking on the link in your email.
    • All emails from DocuSign will have "DU Financial Aid Office via DocuSign" as the sender.
    How to Complete a DocuSign Form:
    1. Click on the link to the form you need to submit.
    2. You'll be taken to a landing page with additional information. Enter your full name (first and last).
    3. You'll receive an email that includes "Email Validation" in the subject line. Copy the code in the email and click on the "Resume Signing" button to view, complete, and sign the form.
    4. Once complete, you'll receive a copy of the completed form via email.
    5. The form will then be routed back to Financial Aid and will be attached to your financial aid account, typically within 1-3 days.
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