All appeals will be presented to the University of Denver's Appeal Supervisor. This person will undertake an impartial review of the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the citation(s) and provide a decision to the Department of Parking and Mobility Services which will then notify you of the outcome.

Before submitting your appeal, please read the following carefully:

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    All decisions reached by the Appeal Supervisor are considered binding and constitute the final disposition of the appeal.

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    The burden of proof in this process rests with you, the appellant.

    Parking Enforcement issued the citation based on what was observed at the time of issuance. It is up to you to provide receipts or other mitigating evidence that would be needed to nullify or amend the citation.

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    The following will NOT be considered valid grounds for appeal:

    • Lack of available parking
    • Unfamiliarity with, or disregard of, University parking rules
    • Length of time in a violation area
    • Unexpectedly ran late
    • Directed to park illegally by anyone other than Parking Services Staff
    • Improperly displayed permit
    • Non-receipt of the citation. Once the citation is written and placed on the car, it is considered to be legally delivered.
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    Frivolous or Abusive Appeals

    If an appeal is deemed frivolous or abusive it will be immediately denied.


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