Pedestrian Paths

Whether you're a student, a member of our faculty or staff, or a visitor to our campus, the pedestrian corridors at the University of Denver are a great way to explore the our beautiful tree-filled grounds. Venture off campus and you'll find an array of easy walks through some of Denver's historic neighborhoods, from idyllic Washington Park to the Cherry Creek bike path that winds through downtown and the surrounding area. Be sure to follow the safety guidelines below to enjoy your walks to the fullest.

students walking

Five Short Walks from DU

  • Observatory Park - 10 minutes / .5 miles
  • Veterans Park - 6 minutes / .8 miles
  • Harvard Gulch - 3 minutes /1 mile
  • Washington Park - 7 minutes / 1.8 miles
  • Cherry Creek Bike Path - 9 minutes / 3.3 miles

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Be visible to drivers at all times and make eye contact
  • Wear light colored clothing in the evenings
  • Stay in well lit areas at all times and stay alert
  • Follow traffic rules, signs, and signals
  • Walk in safe places using crosswalks
  • Drink responsibly! AAA reports 34% of pedestrian casualties involve alcohol impairment.

Driver Safety Tips

  • Look out for pedestrians and make eye contact, as a driver you are responsible
  • Follow posted speed limits
  • Be aware of limited visibility in inclement weather
  • Be especially careful when backing up
  • Always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Do not pass other vehicles in a crosswalk

Skating Safety & Courtesy

We strongly encourage all University of Denver community members to use caution and safety for both yourself and others around you when traversing the pedestrian corridors on a skateboard. Scrapes and bruises are almost a fact of skateboarding life, but broken bones, sprains, and injuries to others are also common. If you or someone around you is injured from a skateboarding accident immediately contact Campus Safety or Health and Counseling Center.

Hoverboard Ban

Due to potential fire hazards and other safety concerns raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, effective immediately, the University prohibits the use, possession, or storage on campus of all self-balancing scooters, also referred to as battery-operated hoverboards, skateboards, self-balancing boards, or any similar devices. This prohibition will remain in effect until a determination is made that these devices no longer present safety concerns.

In order to ensure campus safety, any self-balancing scooter found on campus may be confiscated, disposed of, and/or destroyed.



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