Words and phrases used in these rules and regulations shall have the meanings set forth in this article except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.


Bicycle: Any device propelled by human power upon which a person can ride. It may have one or more wheels.

Bike Sharing: A bicycle provided by a third-party vendor that can be rented by a person willing to enroll in the vendor's program, and pay the published rate.

Car Sharing: A vehicle provided by a third-party vendor that can be rented by a licensed driving willing to enroll in the vendor's program, and pay the published rate.

Campus: All property owned, leased, and/or under the control of the University of Denver (Colorado Seminary).

Contractor: Anyone conducting business under contract with the University and who is not included under the definitions for Faculty & Staff, Student, or Visitor.

Faculty & Staff: All full-time, temporary, special, or regular University personnel. Includes all non-student hourly or part-time non-student temporary employees, faculty in a transitional appointment status, and resident employees of cooperating agencies with offices on campus.

Immobilization: Vehicles or bicycles may be immobilized by the application of a vehicle immobilizer or "boot".

License Plate: Plate or tag bearing evidence of official registration and permission of a motor vehicle.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software: A technology that uses license plate recognition to automatically read license plate characters.

Loading Zone: An area which has been reserved for exclusive use of vehicles that are loading and unloading goods. There is a 20-minute time limit unless otherwise posted.

Motor Vehicle: All vehicles which are self-propelled requiring state license, including, but not limited to, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, etc.

Moped and Scooter: Vehicles with 49cc or less engine displacement are required to display a permit. They must be parking in areas designated for scooters.

Notice of Violation: A citation issued by an officer of the University for a violation of University of Denver Parking Rules and Regulations which is disposed of by the Department of Parking and Mobility Services in accordance with University policies set forth in this document. A citation does not need to be issued at the time of the infraction. It can be issued at a later date, including being mailed to you. Once a violation is placed upon a vehicle it is considered delivered. A citation removed by a person or lost in weather is still considered delivered and valid.

Park/Parking: Leaving a motor vehicle whether occupied or not, with or without the engine running.

Scofflaw: A person who repeatedly violates parking rules and regulations. Scofflaw behavior is grounds for denial of service, immobilization and/or towing.

Special Event Parking: A requirement for parking that arises from a recurring or non-recurring scheduled event. Special event parking must be coordinated with Parking Services two business days in advance to avoid conflicts.

Students: All persons enrolled for at least one hour of credit and not classified as faculty or staff as defined in section above.

Parking and Traffic Control Devices: All permanent or temporary signs, signals, markings, parking lot gates, barricade tape, traffic lights, and devices installed by the Department of Parking Services or the University of Denver for the purpose of regulating, warning, prohibiting, or guiding traffic or motor vehicles.

University: The University of Denver (Colorado Seminary).

University Property: All property or land owned, leased, operated, or otherwise controlled by the University of Denver (Colorado Seminary).

Valid Parking Space: A valid parking space is defined by a space bordered on three sides by curbs, stripes, or other parking control devices.

Visitor: A visitor is considered to be anyone visiting the University who is not included under the definitions for faculty & staff, students, and contractors (See Definitions for Contractor above).



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