Purchasing a Permit

There are many types of permits available depending on who you are and where you need to park. Please review carefully before making a selection.

When Are Permits Sold?

Permits are sold throughout the year at the Parking Services office during regularly posted hours or you may purchase permits online thru the DU Parking and Mobility link by selecting Purchase Online 24 hours a day 7 days a week from May through March.

Official dates for Annual Renewals are posted on the Parking Services Renewals page.

2024-2025 Permit sales timeline. All sales start at 9:00am.

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    Employee Renewals (keeping same permit and lot)

    Renewals start Monday, June 24th - Friday, July 12th

    (First employee waitlist release July 15th)

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    Employee Sales (New Permits)

    Sales start Tuesday, July 16th

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    Commuter & Law Student Sales

    Sales start Tuesday, July 16th

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    Adjunct Faculty Sales

    Sales start Monday, July 22nd

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    Resident Student Sales

    Sales start Monday, July 29th

We will begin stuffing permits at the end of July starting with lots L, W, 321, N/W L, & General.

The Law student’s permits will be mailed out at the beginning of the week of August 5th and every day after that.

Employee & All other student permits will go out the week of August 12th  and every day after that.

We will accept refunds for permits until the 15th of April. After this date only employees can return their permits.

  • What types of permits are available and how much do they cost?

    There are over a dozen different permits for various purposes. Our Permit Types and Prices page contains a comprehensive list of permits, who can use them, how much they cost and what lots they work for.

  • How do I renew a permit?

    Your renewal window will be different depending on whether you are a student, staff or faculty member. Please refer to the table of sales window dates on the Renewal page.

  • How can I pay for permits?

    Different employee and student types have specific options available when purchasing permits. Some employees can deduct from payroll and many students can roll into their tuition payment — see the full list of Payment Options to find what methods are available to you.

  • Why do we pay for parking?
    • The FY22 monthly permit rates are to be set rates for FY20.  The 10 percent reduction implemented for FY21 will expire for FY22 and there will be no additional increase to the FY20 rate.
      • For permit holders that pay monthly, the change will take effect on September 1, 2021.
      • For exempt employees, this rate change will be reflected in your October pay.
      • For non-exempt employees, the rate change will be reflected in your first pay in October.
      • Non-benefitted employees will see the change when paying for parking in September, and thereafter.
    • There is no increase in event parking rates in FY 2022. Event parking rates were last increased on July 1, 2018.
    • There is no increase in paid visitor parking rates in FY 2022. Paid visitor parking rates last increased on July 1, 2018.

    How have parking rates been adjusted through the COVID-19 pandemic?

    The parking department implemented several measures to assist the campus community during the pandemic.  With many staff and faculty working from home the department understood that flexibility was needed during this unprecedented time.

    • FY 20 parking holiday resulted in $228,539 of permit fees refunded
    • FY 21 parking holiday extended $231,833 returned
    • 10% reduction in parking rates for FY21 reduced costs to the community by as much as $145,916.

    Why are parking rates restored to the FY2020 level?

    This fall, the University of Denver anticipates returning to pre-pandemic modalities – largely in-person classes for undergraduates and a mix of in-person and online for graduate students. This includes reopening the campus for athletic events and other activities. The Budget Development process approved by the Board of Trustees has restored parking rates to the pre-pandemic level for several reasons. The University continues to pay down the debt incurred from building parking garages. This the largest single expense related to parking. The University parking system consists of more than 5,900 spaces, including 7 parking structures, 60 off-street lots, and other spaces across the campus. The costs for operating and maintenance are significant, and they increase over time because as parking assets age, maintaining them becomes more expensive. The typical annual increase to parking rates applied each year will not be added as to minimize financial impacts to the campus community



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