We offer parking permit renewals around the beginning of the fall semester, with permits becoming available by date depending on user type.

Renewal Dates 2023-2024

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    Employee Renewals (keeping same permit and lot)

    Renewals start Monday, June 12th – Friday, June 30th

    (First employee waitlist release July 5th)

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    Employee Sales (New Permits)

    Sales start Wednesday, July 5th

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    Commuter & Law Student Sales

    Sales start Wednesday, July 5th

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    Adjunct Faculty Sales

    Sales start Monday, July 17th

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    Resident Student Sales

    Sales start Monday, July 24th

We will begin stuffing permits at the end of July starting with lots L, W, 321, N/W L, & General.

The Law student’s permits will be mailed out at the beginning of the week of August 7th and every day after that.

Employee & All other student permits will go out the week of August 21st  and every day after that.

We will accept refunds for permits until the 15th of April. After this date only employees can return their permits.


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