Prices & Payment

If event parking is booked and being paid for by a University of Denver department, the charge for parking will be billed to the departmental budget number provided on the initial booking request at the time of reservation. Any changes to this information must be communicated in writing to the Parking Services department before the date of the event.

If event parking is booked and being paid for by an external organization there will be an option to select credit card payment on the initial booking request form. Once an event has ended, the event contact will be emailed a final invoice based on the number of scans at that parking lot. This invoice is to be paid within 15 business days by credit card or check. Credit card payments can be made in person at the office or over the phone. All credit card information will be collected at the time of payment. Parking Services will not store credit card information for any duration.

Events are billed after the event has ended based on the total number of permit scans during your event. A quote will be provided at the time the reservation is made based on the online booking request form information.

  • Half Day Permit (parking less than 4 hours) is $8 per permit;
  • Full Day Permit (parking for 4 or more hours) is $10 per permit;

A late fee of $25 is added for events requested within 3 business days of the event date.



Parking & Mobility Services