Ride Sharing

Ride Shares are encouraged and a great way to save money. Reduce your carbon footprint and meet some people you might never have met. Join the University of Denver network on My Way to Go to be connected to others in Denver who are going your way.

If you yearn for a more personal version of carpool matching, visit the Carpool Bulletin Board in the Community Commons. Fill out a card with where you're going, or want to go, and leave your contact information to be contacted by others who want to share rides.

With GOI70, you can leave the mountain driving to someone else! Spend the trip reading, napping or visiting with friends, rather than sitting in your car battling for position on I-70. Multiple services available are Bustang, Pegasus, Outrider, Winter Park Express, and Snowstang.

TreadShare: Safely carpool to your favorite Colorado destinations, year-round. Share the costs of a trip, make friends, decrease traffic and protect our beautiful Colorado! 



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