Ride Sharing

Ride Shares are encouraged and a great way to save money. Reduce your carbon footprint and meet some people you might never have met. Join the University of Denver network on My Way to Go to be connected to others in Denver who are going your way.

If you yearn for a more personal version of carpool matching, visit the Carpool Bulletin Board in the Community Commons. Fill out a card with where you're going, or want to go, and leave your contact information to be contacted by others who want to share rides.

Lyft First & Last Mile Connection Pilot

The purpose of this pilot project is to better connect the DU Community to the University of Denver light rail station and bus stops by providing first and last-mile connections to transit. The pilot program actively supports a reduction in the demand for automobiles and parking on-campus, analyzes the need for a campus shuttle, and provides a safe ride home for students.

Sponsored by Xfinity, this pilot provides discounts on shared Lyft rides for the DU Community. DU students, faculty, staff and friends of DU with a du.edu email address can sign up here to get $2.25 off up to 10 Lyft Line rides taken on the DU campus, or between the University of Denver Light Rail station and the DU campus.

Lyft users can take advantage of these discounts by accessing and redeeming these CODES.



Parking & Mobility Services