Appeal System

Any person receiving a Citation for a parking or traffic violation on campus may dispute the violation through the Appeals process. All appeals must be presented to Parking Services either in writing or via the electronic Appeals link.

The burden of proof for an appeal rests with the appellant. An Appeals Officer will undertake an impartial review of the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the citation(s) and provide a decision to the Department of Parking Services. ALL DECISIONS REACHED BY THE APPEALS OFFICER ARE CONSIDERED BINDING AND CONSTITUTE THE FINAL DISPOSITION OF THE APPEAL.

All appeals must be submitted to the Department of Parking Services within 15 calendar days of the issuance of the Notice of Violation. All appeals must contain the citation number(s) and the violation(s) being appealed in addition to the appellant's arguments for vacating the Citation. The Parking Services office will then notify the appellant of the Appeals Officer's decision. The notification of the decision will be sent via email or U.S.P.S by the Department of Parking Services to the name and address filed on the appeal. ALL DECISIONS REACHED THROUGH THE APPEALS PROCESS ARE CONSIDERED BINDING AND CONSTITUTE THE FINAL DISPOSITION OF THE APPEAL.

Denial of an appeal makes the designated fine due and payable by the designated due date. Unpaid citations will incur an additional $20 late fee 15 days after notification of final decision to appellant.

The following do not constitute grounds for appealing a violation or citation:

  • Lack of available parking
  • Unfamiliarity with University parking rules and regulations
  • Short time in violation area
  • Failure to observe posted signs
  • Class/instruction ran late
  • Anyone other than Parking Services or contracted parking lot attendants directed you to park in violation area
  • Non-receipt of the citation(s)




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