Please use the following definitions for violations and citations issued by the University of Denver.

Violations marked with an asterisk (*) are impoundable/immobilization offenses.

  • Violations
    • CHARGING LOCATION PROHIBITED: Fee applied to vehicles in charging locations longer than the posted time limited or not charging. $30 fine
    • DAMAGED GATE ARM: Intentional or unintentional damage to a controlling gate arm through neglect or violating procedures. $250 fine, additional fees may apply
    • DISABILITY SPACE VIOLATION: Parking in a parking space designated for disability persons without displaying a state issued handicap placard, license plate, or a disabled veteran license plate. $100 fine *
    • DISPLAY/USE OF STOLEN, REVOKED, REPRODUCED, OR ALTERED PERMIT/ACCESS CARD: Any vehicle displaying or using a parking permit or gate access card that has been reported stolen, has been revoked by Parking Services, or appears to have been reproduced or altered in any way. $100 fine *
    • DISREGARDING TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE / ATTENDANT: Any motor vehicle or bicycle that, for any reason, disregards any traffic control device or attendant instructions. $30 fine
    • DRIVING WRONG WAY ON A ONE-WAY STREET: Driving a vehicle in an opposite or different direction on a university street or alley than the direction indicated on posted signs as the proper direction of traffic movement. $30 fine
    • EXCEEDING POSTED TIME LIMIT: Exceeding time limit set by signage. $30 fine
    • FAILURE TO DISPLAY A PERMIT: Parking in any space, area, or lot that requires a specific type of permit to be displayed. This includes, but is not limited to, restricted lots, general lots (of whether the automated gates are operating or not), service vehicle spaces, patient spaces, or any area requiring special authorization and/or permit. $30 fine
    • FAILURE TO SIGN IN: Parking in a Health and Counseling Center space without properly signing in vehicle at the front desk of the Health and Counseling Center. $30 fine
    • FIRE LANE VIOLATION: Parking in a manner in which any part of the vehicle is in a designated fire lane, even if only for a short period of time. $50 fine*
    • IMMOBILIZATION FEE (VEHICLE): Fee assessed in conjunction with the immobilization of a vehicle. $40 fine
    • IMMOBILIZATION FEE (SCOOTER): Fee assessed in conjunction with the immobilization of a scooter or moped. $20 fine
    • IMPOUND FEE (BICYCLE): Fee assessed in conjunction with the impounding of a bicycle. $30 Fine
    • IMPROPER USE OF PERMIT: Use of an otherwise valid permit to park in a manner inconsistent with university policies in a University controlled parking area. $30 fine
    • LICENSE PLATE NOT VISIBLE: Plate or tag bearing evidence of official registration and permission of a motor vehicle must be facing the center aisle. $15 Fine
    • METERED TIME VIOLATION: (a) The use of a metered/timed space without depositing in the meter/central pay station the appropriate monies required to authorize the space for the time used. (b) The use of a metered/timed space in excess of the time limit indicated on the meter or receipt. (c) To insert additional monies in a parking meter or central pay station to obtain additional parking time in excess of the maximum permitted time indicated by the parking meter/pay station. Vehicles are subject to multiple citations after each passing of the maximum allowed time limit of the meter/timed space. $30 fine
    • MISCELLANEIOUS VIOLATION: Used on citations for which the offense is not listed on the citation booklet at the time the citations were ordered and printed. $15 fine
    • NO PARKING ZONE: Parking in an area designated as “No Parking” by traffic control devices. $30 fine
    • OBSTRUCTING DISABILITY ACCESS: Parking in such a manner as to block Disability access points in such a way as to limit the free movement of mobility impaired pedestrians. $100 fine*
    • PARKING OUTSIDE LINES OF A STALL: When any portion of a vehicle is outside a marked parking stall or boundary. $15 fine
    • PERMIT NOT AFFIXED TO WINDSHIELD: Failure to properly affix a permit designed and intended to be displayed on the windshield. $15 fine
    • PERMIT NOT VALID FOR LOCATION: A valid DU permit is displayed but is not valid in that lot or location. $30 fine
    • TOW FEE: Fee accessed in conjunction with vehicle being relocated. $65 fine
    • UNAUTHORIZED USE OF COUPON CODE: Exceeding the time limit of the coupon code, utilizing a lot not designated to the coupon code, or used by unauthorized party. $50 fine
    • UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A LOT: Unauthorized use of a university parking lot. $30 fine
    • UNAUTHORIZED USE OF DEPARTMENTAL ISSUED PERMIT: Exceeding the time limit of the permit, utilizing a lot not designated to the permit, or used by unauthorized party (e.g. faculty, staff or students of the University). $50 fine
    • VANDALISM/DAMAGE TO UNIVERSITY PROPERTY: The destruction, injury, disfigurement, or defacement of any University or private property, without the consent of the University or owner. $100 fine and the possibility of loss of on campus parking privileges plus the violator may be held responsible for the cost of any repairs.
    • VEHICLE BLOCKING TRASH DUMPSTER: Motor vehicles are parked in such a way as to prohibit access to any trash dumpster at any time. $30 fine*
    • VEHICLE IN DRIVE OR THOROUGHFARE: Parking in or obstructing any portion of a drive or thoroughfare intended for vehicular/pedestrian traffic. $30 fine*
    • VEHICLE ON BRICK PAVERS/WALKWAY: When any portion of an unauthorized vehicle is driving or parked on any portion of brick pavers/walkways, except properly permitted DU Facilities vehicles during official DU business. $100 fine plus the repair costs to the brick(s) may be assessed to the violator.
    • VEHICLE ON LAWN OR LANDSCAPING: Parking or driving on any landscaped area not intended for normal use by vehicular travel. $30 fine*
  • Penalties

    Persons violating any of the parking and traffic rules and regulations contained in this document are subject to assessment of fines. The current list of violations and associated fines is listed under section A. All fines, which are not paid or appealed within 15 calendar days of the issuance of the Notice of Violation will be assessed a late fee. Prior to November 7, 2006 violations doubled in amount. After November 7, 2006 violations will be assessed a $20.00 late fee. The University reserves the right to designate additional violations and/or fees as deemed necessary. Additional violations/fees will not exceed the maximum fine for any major violation. Violating vehicles are subject to multiple citations after each passing of the normally allowed time limit of the infraction. For example, a vehicle parked in violation at a three-hour parking meter could receive a citation at the expiration of each three-hour period.

  • Denial or Revocation of Parking Privileges

    Parking privileges may be denied or revoked for the following reasons: (a) non-payment of five or more outstanding parking violations; (b) unpaid parking violations totaling $100 or more; (c) failure to pay applicable permit fees, (d) falsification of permit application information; (e) counterfeiting, defacing, or altering any University parking permit; (f) displaying, using, or allowing others to use or display a University parking permit or gate access card which has been reported lost or stolen; (g) intentional damage to/or removal of University property; (h) reckless or careless driving.

  • Collecting Unpaid Citations

    The University may employ all legal means to collect outstanding or unpaid citations, including but not limited to registration, transcript and diploma holds, employee disciplinary action and garnishment of wages, vehicle tire immobilization (booting), vehicle towing from University property, as well as collection by private collection agencies. All individuals using University parking facilities may be held responsible for parking fines on vehicles registered to family members.

  • Enforcement

    All parking and traffic rules and regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays and periods when school is not in session, or unless otherwise indicated by traffic control devices. The enforcement specialist will place the citation(s) on the vehicle’s windshield under the wiper blade or on the driver’s side door window. This will constitute legal delivery of the citation to the vehicle’s operator. Non-receipt of an issued citation does not invalidate the citation.

  • Tire Immobilization/Towing

    Vehicles may be towed or immobilized (wheel-locked) for any of the following reasons:

    • Non-payment of four or more outstanding parking violations.
    • Obstruction of University business.
    • Identification of vehicle owner.
    • Parked in a reserved parking space or in a designated disability space without displaying the proper authorization.
    • Unsatisfactory payment of parking permits or citations (i.e., returned checks, non-compliance of citation payment agreement, having excessive balances owed).

    Boots will be removed upon payment of a $40 boot fee AND all outstanding fines and late fees. Vehicles left booted for an excessive amount of time are subject to towing and will be moved to a designated storage facility of the contract towing company's choice. The vehicle owner or operator will be responsible for all applicable towing charges.

    Vehicle owners or operators may pay for the boot removal and applicable fines at Parking Services located at 2130 S. High St. (southwest corner of Lot E parking structure), 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, M-F. For after-hours boot release of vehicles, please contact Campus Safety at (303)-871-2334.

  • Voiding Citations

    Citations are not normally voided unless there was an error made at the time of issuance by the parking enforcement specialist (excepting typographical errors). If a citation was found to have been issued in error it will be voided at no expense. Some otherwise valid citations may be voided at the written request of a Dean or Department Head. If there are sufficient mitigating circumstances the Dean or Department Head may request the citation be voided in which case a $10 service fee will be charged to the requesting department.



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