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Study Abroad Information

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At the University of Denver, we strive to develop cross-cultural connections—and the new perspectives that come with them—by encouraging students to study and live abroad for at least one quarter. Information about those programs is available on the International Education website.

We want our graduates to appreciate and understand the differences and interdependencies that characterize our world. The University of Denver strongly invests in study abroad because we believe that as many students as possible should have the opportunity to discover how education really comes to life in an international context.

The financial aid available to you for study abroad depends upon the type of program in which you participate:

DU Partner Programs

Program costs:

  • Students studying abroad for one quarter or one semester will be charged the following:
    • DU tuition
    • DU housing*
    • DU meals*
    • DU technology fee (charged per quarter if your program overlaps two DU quarters)
    • Study abroad application fee**
    • Study abroad program fee (if applicable)**
  • Students who study abroad for an entire academic year will be charged DU tuition, housing*, meals* and the DU technology fee for three quarters.

*If your study abroad program includes housing, you will be charged for DU housing. If your study abroad program includes meals, you will be charged for DU meals.

**Study abroad application fees and Study abroad program fees (if applicable) are covered for students who qualify as Cherrington Global Scholars.

How and when will I receive my financial aid?

Students are eligible to receive their merit scholarships, institutional need-based grants, and federal and state aid (to exclude the work award) to help pay for DU Partner programs. The billing and financial aid disbursement occurs as if you were on campus, regardless of your program start date.

If you are participating in a spring semester DU Partner Program (that overlaps winter and spring quarters), you will be charged the program costs as outlined above for winter quarter, and your aid will disburse as if you were attending DU winter quarter. Spring semester study abroad students may also receive a disbursement of the spring term aid (federal and state only) as if they are attending DU – please contact our office to discuss your specific aid package.

Important note about departmental scholarships:  Some departmental scholarships cannot be used to pay for study abroad charges. Be sure to check with your department directly to see if your scholarship can be used for your study abroad program.

Use the Cost Planning Worksheet to help you calculate what you will be billed for study abroad and how that might be different from what you usually pay at DU.

Unaffiliated Programs

Program costs:

  • Undergraduate students who are studying abroad on unaffiliated programs are charged a $150 DU study abroad administrative fee per quarter. If a student studies abroad on a spring semester program that overlaps two DU quarters, then the fee will be charged both quarters.
  • Technology fees will be applied every quarter while abroad.
  • The student will pay the host program/university directly for tuition, housing and meals (if applicable).

Institutional financial aid is not available for students attending an unaffiliated program. Only federal and state aid (excluding the work award) may be awarded. Complete a Consortium Agreement to request financial aid for your unaffiliated program. The financial aid for which you are eligible will be released to you by DU on DU's disbursement schedule, however, and you are responsible for paying the bill at your host school by the due date.

Use the Cost Planning Worksheet to help you calculate the total cost for study abroad on an unaffiliated program.

Additional Information

For more information on program costs, budgeting for study abroad, and additional scholarships, please visit the International Education website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My fall study abroad program begins in July. Will my financial aid be disbursed early?

Your billing and financial aid disbursements are based on DU’s calendar, so you will receive your financial aid as if you were on campus, regardless of whether your program begins earlier or later than DU’s quarter.

When I'm in Denver, I don't live on campus. Does that mean I don't pay for housing and meals while I'm studying abroad?

For DU Partner Programs, you are billed for meals and housing based on whether these are provided by your study abroad program, not according to where you live while in Denver. If your program does not include housing and/or meals, you won’t be billed for these at DU – but note that you will still need to budget for these expenses, as you will need to pay for them in country.