HRIC Bridge Takeovers & Town Halls

HRIC provides transparency and resources for our employees and future employees. We have redesigned the website, released "HRIC Bridge Takeovers" and quarterly Town Halls to provide the information and updates that our community has asked for. We hope you find these sessions and articles as useful as we do! 

HRIC Bridge Takeover

Check your email for our latest updates in The Bridge - HRIC Takeover Editions! HRIC has launched a new and exciting way to communicate with our community. Every Fall, Winter & Spring quarter there will be an email from the Bridge titled "HRIC BRIDGE TAKEOVER" and it will be full of HRIC news, updates and important information for all DU employees.

Here are some previous HRIC Takeovers:

HRIC Town Hall PowerPoints

HRIC Town Hall Video Recordings

Visit our HRIC Official Media Channel for recordings of the HRIC Town Halls.