Employee Wellbeing


The Department of Human Resources & Inclusive Community (HRIC) is committed to the development of the whole person. Our employee wellness program, Well@DU, encompasses this as we work to inspire a healthy community and promote a culture of wellness. Through our commitment to all areas of wellness, we provide information and activities that inspire individual wellbeing and create pathways for prosperity in our community.

The mission of Well@DU is to generate enthusiasm and cultivate excitement about personal health and wellness, which leads to improved quality of life and helps build a vibrant and extraordinary work environment. The program is dedicated to providing education and resources that encourage personal awareness and equip DU employees with the tools they need to grow and succeed.

Well@DU strives to make sustainable positive changes inclusive of all employees throughout the DU community. Self-care is a kindness to yourself that helps you to better see, hear, and understand others.

Email well@du.edu for any wellbeing related inquiries.

The Seven Facets of Wellbeing

Our programming is built using a holistic approach that includes the Seven Facets of Wellbeing:

  • Physical & Nutritional: Nourishing our bodies to give us energy and strength, finding safety and empowerment through movement, breathing, stretching, and self-care
  • Mental & Emotional: Taking care of our mental health and emotional regulation in healthy, kind, and healing ways
  • Social & Community: Securing, building, maintaining, and taking part in healthy social connections, relationships, and supportive communities
  • Environmental: Notice our physical surroundings — are we safe, taken care of, and in a sustainable place where we can thrive?
  • Spiritual: Taking care of spiritual needs and our inner selves in a way that is meaningful to each of us
  • Financial: Building and maintaining a financial foundation to support our needs and endeavors
  • Agency, Purpose, & Career: Making conscious, intentional decisions that align with the life we desire

Nutrition Designed Guest Speaker Series

All seminar topics and registration are available online. Participants will receive the Zoom link and/or room location prior to each seminar via email.

For more information about the HRIC Wellbeing events, check out our Wellbeing Series & Special Events site!

Nutrition Flyer Spring 2024

Employee Perks and Discounts

Employee Perks and Discounts

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Cigna MotivateMe® Incentive Program

As a reward to incentivize healthy behaviors, employees with Cigna insurance plans can earn gift cards worth up to $100 for completing certain activities that improve health and wellbeing.

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Employee Assistance Program

The EAP is a health benefit, separate from medical insurance and available to all benefited employees, that can help you manage life's daily challenges.

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