Human Resources & Inclusive Community Strategic Plan

Mission, Vision & Values


To be known for going the extra mile and making a lasting impact at University of Denver.


An engaged, talented faculty and staff will be critical to realizing DU's considerable aspirations and supporting a new generation of students.

We will attract, retain, and inspire high-quality talent at the University of Denver by: 

  • Communicating a clear employee value statement focused on empowering individuals to see the impact they have on their communities. 

  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable to foster a culture of transparency that enables lifelong learning. 

  • Create an environment where we nurture and respect the person, prioritizing wellness and meeting employees where they are at in their work-life harmony. 


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    Inclusive Community

    It’s in our name. We matter, and all of you, as individuals, matter.  

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    Partnership & Collaboration

    We are here to serve as a responsive and thoughtful partner. 

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    Lifelong Learning

    As a part of the DU vision, we are committed to maximizing the potential of each individual. 

A Message From the Vice Chancellor

Jeff Banks


Dear DU Community, 

I joined DU in 2022, and I could not be prouder to be a part of a community that is committed to its students. As staff and faculty, we stand at a pivotal time with unique challenges for the University. 

As we continue to ascend here at DU, I want to assure you that your HRIC team continues to be motivated and hard at work. We have restructured, regrouped, and have come together to share our plan with you as we continue our path to 2025 and beyond. In various conversations within HR and across the campus, we have kept ourselves grounded by remembering the following as we share this plan with you. 

Finally, your engagement as an employee of the University of Denver.  

Although our priorities have not changed, we have enhanced our path to include one additional area, Employee Engagement and Wellbeing. Our priorities will be at the forefront of what we do as our employees dedicate themselves to the public good.

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023

We hope you will engage with HRIC as we progress through 2025 and beyond. We value every member of our community and hope to live up to our vision of being the best HR team you have ever worked with. 

Thank you, 

Jeff Banks
Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

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Enhance Value for Employees

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023 Enhance Employee

Being a part of the DU community means we are a part of a great organization doing great things. We want to ensure that our employees go out into the world knowing what makes DU a great place to work.  

We have defined three characteristics of what it means to work here:

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    Make Real Contributions

    We recognize that each of our employees furthers DU’s mission to promote learning by engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought, and generating knowledge. Whether in the back office or in the classroom with our students, we dedicate ourselves to advancing the public good. 

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    Be Rewarded & Recognized for Excellence

    We hire and retain the best and know how important it is for individuals to strive for the best. Our competitive total compensation package, which includes generous benefits and a supportive work environment fostering lifelong learning and development, is evolving to meet the needs of our ever-growing and changing workforce. We embrace flexibility and aspire to help our employees reach the best work-life harmony. 

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    Prioritize Professional Growth

    We at DU are all on a lifelong journey of learning and development. We believe in developing our people and opening doors to continued career success. We believe in delivering learning opportunities that meet employees' learning needs and meet their needs wherever they are in their career journey. Our success, and that of our students, depends on the growth and collaboration of all our DU employees and community.  

Our Current Work
  • A competitive compensation structure
  • Enhancing our suite of diverse benefits to meet the needs of our growing workforce 
  • Building a culture of engagement and wellbeing 


On the Horizon
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • High performing merit system enhancements 
How We Delivered
  • Launched the highly anticipated Flexible Work Policy
  • Added Beneplace DU Discounts & Deals to help employees access amazing savings and deals
  • Added pet insurance administered by MetLife for our animals
  • Streamlining/enhancing our Benefits Enrollment Experience
  • Engaging our employees to improve the orientation and onboarding process
  • Better website experience for HRIC
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Leverage Strategic Partnerships

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023 Leverage Strategic Partnerships

Our ability to achieve goals is dependent on the strength of and collaboration with our partners at DU. HRIC are committed to strengthening our relationships and finding the best ways to address challenges. 

Our commitment to our partners: 

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    Build Genuine, Durable Relationships 

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    Trust and Accountability 

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    Create Common and Transparent Goals 

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    Data-Driven Solutions and Continuous Improvement 

Our Current Work
  • Collaborate with thought partners around campus to deliver learning and growth opportunities
On the Horizon
  • Talent Metrics related to selection and development that are clear and concise, comprehensive, and easily accessible to inform our future decision-making 
  • Strengthening our support model to ensure compliance
How We Delivered
  • Expanded and enhanced our HR Partner team and leadership structure to prioritize critical stakeholders
  • Expanded our HR Operations team and enhanced our leadership structure to meet the future demands of DU
  • Published policies to improve talent acquisition and compensation processes
  • Update and improve our policy structure and create easily accessible and transparent documentation 
  • Provide an updated and engaging employee handbook which reflects our culture, history, and values
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Foster Inclusive Community

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023 Foster Inclusive Community

An inclusive community is not something we do, but what we are. As a campus, we seek ways to create space for every individual, every group, and every voice regardless of whether you are a student, educator, or staff member. We aspire to be the best at making people feel welcome, respected, and proud to show up as themselves. 

We work closely with many groups to achieve this including ODEI, OEO/TIX, SOCA, Staff Advisory Council, Faculty Senate, and Community+Values (C+V).

Our Current Work
  • Develop a shared set of goals with ODEI around recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce
On the Horizon
  • Accessibility as a part of ongoing operations in all areas 
  • Policies that ensure we hold ourselves and each other accountable for providing a welcoming environment
How We Delivered
  • Integrated with Communities + Values (C+V)  to increase employee engagement and sense of belonging
  • Partnered to deliver awareness opportunities at Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023
  • Partner across the campus to sponsor engaging discussions around heritage, diversity, and celebrating ways to uplift each other 
  • Implement an ongoing yearly pay equity review 
  • Learning programs that ensure a diverse and welcoming community 

Develop & Retain Exceptional Talent

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023 Develop & Retain Talent

While developing talent has always been a priority for HRIC, we understand that the events of 2020 leading up to the current day have brought on unanticipated challenges to our workforce. Our focus has increased on how we can ensure the best work experience for employees at DU. 

Our People Development and Talent Acquisition team is dedicated to providing growth resources and opportunities to meet the learner where they whether at career stage, learning needs and preferences, empowering our employees to gain the skills, knowledge and abilities to thrive with our changing global work environment. Learning is not only about offerings and tools but reinforcing a culture of learning and development.  

Our four pillars for developing our people are: 

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    Talent Acquisition Focus

    At DU, we champion difference-makers. Our community uses its natural talents and learned skills to improve the public good and tackle today's critical issues. Our strategic focus is on diversity and improving our hiring processes and systems to support finding the right person people to support our success. 

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    Learning & Development Opportunities

    Through ongoing learning and development, we strive to expand professional opportunities, identify career ladders, promote family-friendly policies, and create an environment of well-being at DU. 

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    Performance Management and Our Pay-for-Performance Philosophy

    All benefited staff members participate in the Performance Management at DU program, designed to encourage regular conversations with a focus on employee development. The program is dual-focused on pay for performance and growth and development.  

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    Engaging Employees at the Arc of Their Career

    Whether you are a student entering the workforce, or a seasoned professional, we commit to bringing forth the 4D model for all employees and providing an exceptional experience working at DU.

Our Current Work
  • Create an optimal DU candidate experience including the application process, pre-onboarding, onboarding and beyond 
  • Create a seamless process and structure for hiring managers including the application, pre-onboarding and beginning work at DU


On The Horizon
  • Develop learning champions to advise on learning needs in their areas and opportunities for partnering
  • Participate in professional and community recruiting events representing the DU brand
  • Implement succession planning module and practices within Talent@DU 
How We Delivered
  • Expanded our Talent@DU learning management system offerings and specialized training programs
  • Enhanced new hire orientation experience to help guide employees as they begin their journey with DU
  • Enhanced supervisory training for incoming and newly transferred managers to help develop leadership skills
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Employee Engagement, Whole Wellbeing, & Belonging

HRIC Strategic Plan Wheel 2023 Employee Engagement

At DU we recognize how important employee engagement and total wellbeing is to the development of the whole person. We want to inspire a healthy community and promote a culture of work-life harmony across campus. 

Our programming is built using an integrated approach that includes the Seven Facets of Well-being: 

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    Physical & Nutritional

    Nourishing our bodies to give us energy and strength, finding safety and empowerment through movement, breathing, stretching and self-care 

  • dialogue icon

    Mental & Emotional

    Taking care of our mental health and emotional regulation in healthy, kind and healing ways 

  • community icon

    Social & Community

    Securing, building, maintaining and taking part in healthy social connections, relationships and supportive communities

  • greek building icon


    Notice our physical surroundings — are we safe, cared for and in a sustainable place where we can thrive? 

  • book icon


    Taking care of spiritual needs and our inner selves in a way that is meaningful to each of us 

  • dollar sign icon


    Building and maintaining a financial foundation to support our needs and endeavors 

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    Agency, Purpose & Career

    Making conscious, intentional decisions that align with the life we desire 

Our Current Work
  • Establish a consistent engagement survey and pulse survey schedule campus-wide


On the Horizon
  • Partnerships with retirees, and other stakeholders  
  • Resources enabling faculty and staff to manage burnout
How We Delivered
  • Launched Wellness Series to actualize our Seven Facets of Wellbeing
  • Enhanced Cigna program to incentivize healthy behaviors
  • Integrate C+V goals into HRIC to bring wellness to the forefront of the discussion within our community 
  • Adding additional benefits and resources to address wellness 
  • Leadership Development emphasizing the role of managerial behavior on total employee well-being and engagement

Closing Remarks

We at DU know that we are in unprecedented times, and success is not achieved overnight. We hope that you have found our plan helpful and transparent as we travel this path together. Here in HRIC we are committed to lifelong learning and your success as a DU community member.  We set ambitious goals and will sometimes fall short, but we always strive to be our best. 

Please continue on this journey with us. You are each a valued, crucial part of the success of our University. Each staff and faculty member here at DU contributes toward our students achieving their dreams. 

Jeff Banks 

(Vice Chancellor for Human Resources)