Job Families

Job Families

Job Families are groups of related jobs that are similar in the field/profession but have different core accountabilities and can have progressive higher levels of impact, knowledge, skills, and abilities which can provide promotional opportunities over time. 

  • Academic Administration

    Oversees and implements the institution’s or college’s academic programming and policy approval process. Reviews and analyzes existing programs to ensure compliance with institutional, state, and federal policies and regulations. Administers and evaluates the effectiveness of program achievements.

  • Academic Support

    Provide academic support related to one or more of the following areas: enhancing the academic environment for students, supporting the college/school with academic programs and courses, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs. Assists and empowers students to achieve academic success and social adjustment through a variety of activities including academic coaching, student learning centers, tutoring, life skills support, and other services.

  • Accounting, Finance, and Budget (Financial Services )

    Offers a variety of financial administrative services to support the DU community, including payroll, vendor payments, student tuition billing, travel and expense reimbursement that manages and oversees the DU’s income and expenditures.

  • Administrative Leadership

    Positions in this job family provide vision, direction, and organization for activities and services at the university. This includes oversight of academic program evaluation, faculty personnel administration and provost administrative affairs.

  • Advancement/Development

    These positions cultivate the support of donors both directly through solicitation and fundraising campaigns and indirectly through alumni engagement, endowment, major and planned gift development, alumni and professional societies, and targeted campaigns to maintain positive relationships with potential donors and the community.  The related roles might include development operations, event planning, campaign communications, and faculty/academic liaison and coordination.

  • Athletics and Recreation

    These positions support programs and activities that enable students to participate in interscholastic and on-campus athletics and recreational programs. This job family includes positions that manage or administer intramural and club programs; manage athletic facilities; provide program support for major athletic programs, and coaching positions. These jobs are typically located in athletic facilities and often require the incumbent to have broad knowledge of at least one sport or athletic interest area.

  • Business and Administrative Support

    Typically includes jobs providing a broad level of administrative support critical to the operations of a department or unit. Typical activities include the following: document preparation, planning and coordinating meetings, managing calendars for one or more leaders, setting up travel and preparing/tracking expense reports, performing basic recordkeeping and analyses in Excel, and preparing correspondence and emails on behalf of professional and management staff.

    There is substantial career growth opportunity within this family allowing for progression through more challenging and financially rewarding jobs without moving to another job family. Positions at the manager or director level will typically require a bachelor’s or advanced degree, but rarely a terminal degree.

  • Executive Leadership

    The Executive job family includes only the most senior leadership positions within the University. This group of jobs will be limited to cabinet-level titles that have major responsibility for a large segment or multiple segments of the organization. The job titles within the Executive job family rarely offer career development opportunities, as incumbents in these jobs have demonstrated mastery of the full range of skills, competencies, and experience in their field of expertise. These individuals can serve as teachers and mentors to others in their functional area(s). Typically, these jobs require a terminal or professional degree and extensive senior level practitioner experience.

  • Facilities (non-union)

    This job family includes non-union jobs from many generally related occupations across campus. Jobs within this family often place greater emphasis on skills and knowledge acquired through on-the-job experience and vocational training than through formal post-secondary education except for some supervisory and managerial professionals for whom some formal post-secondary education is required including advanced degrees and education in specialized fields such as architecture and engineering. Technology plays an increasingly more important role in many of the trade areas (e.g., HVAC)

  • Faculty

    The faculty job family includes positions dedicated to the academic enterprise with specific requirements for:

    • classroom instruction.
    • scholarly research required to stay current and contribute to the evolving content of one’s discipline or field of study; and
    • various forms of university/community service such as committee assignments, support for student programs, and participation in university-wide developmental activities.
  • Human Resources

    This job family supports the management of the university human resources and develops and implements effective HR strategies for the university for staff in accordance with university policy, practice, compliance, and strategic goals.

    Some of the functional areas of specialty in human resources includes Employment Services, Talent Acquisition and Development, Benefits, Wellbeing, Compensation, Employee Relations, and diversity and inclusion.

  • Information Technology

    This job family supports the university with strategic elements of the campus infrastructure focused on information security, privacy, and cyber safety.  Provides innovative and sustainable technologies through strategic partnerships and community engagement to advance the university. These positions partner to aide in the successful completion of technology projects and programs that bring success and improved technology platforms.

  • Legal

    Positions in this job family provide legal services to the university and its trustees, officers, directors, administrators, faculty, and staff. Positions that ensure compliance with all laws and regulations for the university.

  • Library

    Includes a broad assembly of jobs needed to maintain a fully operational library supporting both study and research. These positions encompass service-oriented jobs supporting circulation, reference, and other direct student patron needs; as well as the more advanced library skills needed to maintain the reputation of a highly regarded research university.

  • Marketing and Communications

    Positions in this job family deliver strategic and insightful solutions that enhance the image and reputation of the university. Roles in this job family collaboratively partner with DU schools, units, and groups to raise awareness, engage audiences, and share the University’s stories across earned, owned, paid, and shared media.

  • Program Management

    Includes positions that develop, implements, promotes, and administers related specialized programs to further the mission of the University. Responsibilities may include developing, evaluating, or overseeing specialized program offerings, communicating program goals and benefits, managing resources and budgets, developing community partnerships and programs, and handling complex administrative problems for various departments and divisions.

  • Research

    Includes positions that support sponsored and non-sponsored research across campus. Positions in this job family are directly involved in or supporting research activities, including the conduct of research and the administration of related processes.

  • Safety and Security

    Positions that plan, develop, and implement programs and systems to maintain a safe and secure university campus. Enforces university rules and local, state, and federal laws. Protects university students, employees, guests, and property from any preventable harm or danger. Engages in a variety of police activities such as patrolling, investigation, law enforcement, crime prevention and detection.

  • Student Services

    Jobs in this family provide direction and support for student affairs programs and academic support services. These positions provide assistance to students, parents, and faculty to include enrollment management, student health services, housing, campus recreation, student activities, career development, and academic program administration. This job family includes those in teaching positions that are not considered faculty positions.

  • Teachers

    Positions associated with early childhood learning, K-12 certified professionals and some post-secondary education. As such, the jobs in this family include positions often found in public and private pre-school, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary programs such as teacher, master teacher and English language lecturer.