Compensation Philosophy

The University of Denver (DU) aspires to foster a sense of community and promote diversity and inclusivity. As a key part of its benefited staff compensation program, DU focuses on consistent and competitive salaries in order to attract and retain a high quality workforce to successfully fulfill the mission of the University. Compensation is a core element of our competitive total compensation package, which includes generous benefits and a supportive work environment.

DU's compensation program emphasizes market value and also recognizes the internal equity and value of jobs. Salary ranges target the median of general industry and identified higher education markets based on appropriate talent segments determined by the type and level of the job, as well as individual qualifications.

DU's overall performance, strategic objectives, financial capability, economic conditions, and departmental budgets impact the annual budget available for potential salary increase opportunities. In support of DU's commitment to institutional performance, merit increases will be used to strengthen the link between individual performance and compensation. Managers and supervisors, Human Resources, and DU leadership each have a defined role in, and share responsibilities for, ensuring an effective compensation program.