Ending Your Employment at DU

On this page, you will find information and resources for both employees and managers to facilitate separation from the University as part of the cessation of employment.


Separation Checklists



Employees resigning from the University should e-mail or hand deliver a written resignation letter to their supervisor. The following resignation form is available for employees to utilize, but it is not required.


Exit Interview

We would love to hear feedback related to your experience as an employee of the University of Denver. Please complete the Exit Interview Survey that will be emailed to you prior to your separation from the University. An English and Spanish version is available.  If you have any questions regarding this process or would like to request an in-person exit interview, please contact our HR Partners at


Benefits Information

  • Vacation Leave Payout

    Accrued unused vacation leave will be paid out according to University policy and included in your final paycheck.

    Sick leave accrued during your employment will not be paid out upon separation.

  • University Health, Dental, Vision, and FSA Plans

    If, at the time of your separation from the University, you are a current participant in one of our group health, dental, or vision plans, this coverage will continue through the end of the month in which you end your employment.

    Although you will have through the end of the plan year to submit receipts, the last day you will be eligible to incur expenses reimbursable through your Flexible Spending Account is your final date of employment with the University.


    University medical, dental, and FSA health care reimbursement plans may be continued in accordance with COBRA, which generally allows for coverage continuation for 18 months beyond the separation date at the expense of the employee.

    You will receive information from our third-party COBRA administrator, Rocky Mountain Reserve (RMR), with rates and instructions for enrollment. Should you elect to continue your benefits under COBRA, you will be responsible for the entire monthly premium of your benefit, including the DU portion plus the employee portion plus a 2% administrative fee. Your monthly premiums will be sent directly to RMR.

    Contact RMR at 1-888-722-1223 or by visiting their website.

  • Request a Loss of Credible Coverage Letter

    If you need a letter showing loss of benefit coverage, please email or call 303-871-7420.

  • Retirement Plan

    You have several options to manage your retirement accounts after your separation from the University:

    • You may roll your account balance into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or other qualified accounts.
    • You may leave your balance in your current plan. While you can move your balance between funds, you will not be able to contribute any additional funds to your account with this option.
    • You can withdraw your funds with applicable tax penalties.

    Contact TIAA directly at 1-800-842-2252 for applicable rollover and/or withdrawal forms and information. For general information and to access your account online, visit the TIAA website.

  • Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

    Your CORE life insurance, AD&D, and disability coverage will cease on your final date of employment.

    Supplemental life insurance and dependent life insurance coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which you separate from employment.

    You may apply to The Hartford, our life insurance carrier, to convert this policy. However, you must apply in writing and pay the first premium to the insurer within 31 days of the effective date of your separation.

  • Tuition Waiver

    Those using the tuition waiver at the time of separation will have it prorated based on the number of weeks remaining in the term. (Policy, Section A.5.d.) The total number of credits for which the waiver has been assigned by the student at the 100%-refund deadline for the term will be counted against the annual maximum. (Policy, Section A.5.c.) For example, if an employee resigns or is released during week 5 of a 10-week quarter, the Office of Student Billing will bill 50% of the value of the tuition waiver to the student and the total credits for which the waiver had been assigned will be counted against the annual maximum.

    Refer to the Tuition Waiver page (Eligibility Changes) for more, including information related to layoffs and leaves of absence without pay.

  • Other Paycheck Deductions

    For any non-DU payroll deductions (loan payments, child support, charitable donations, etc.), you will need to notify the appropriate party.

  • Parking Permit

    You will continue to be billed for your parking permit until it is returned to Parking Services. For questions, contact Parking Services at 303-871-3210.