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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services


Best Practices


Parking Services attempts to provide high visibility signage in all parking structures to assist you with parking best practices.  When entering a lot, please look for the Lot Number Sign to verify you are parking in the lot your particular permit is registered for. Also, verify you are not parking in a restricted vehicle space in your lot either posted by an ADA space sign, a "green" space sign, or a vehicle space restricted sign.  If you have any questions at all about where or how to park, please contact the Parking Services office during posted business hours.  Please note that you should never park in an area not specifically designated by parking signs; this includes along curbs, on bricked areas, or in stripped painted areas.

Parking Enforcement Specialists

The Department of Parking Services is responsible for managing the supply and demand of all parking spaces on campus including both surface and structured lots, and strives to provide equitable, quality service to the University.  Parking Enforcement Specialists are responsible for enforcing University parking policies through warnings and citations and providing exceptional customer service while performing their duties.  Please remember all communications with a Parking Enforcement Specialist should be courteous and professional.  If you have any questions please direct them to the Parking Services Office.