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Parking & Mobility Services

Parking and Mobility Services


Campus Shuttle


Since July 9, 2018, students, faculty and staff can ride the shuttle from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. The 14 passenger shuttles are free to students who can book a ride via the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. Wheelchair accessible shuttle is available.

How Chariot Works

  • Free! Offered at no charge to campus riders with a email address!
  • Download the Chariot App from iTunes or Google Play
  • Sign up using your DU email address and create a password
  • Verify your email address so you are active
  • Search Routes to find your DU stop
  • Check In
  • Board!

Chariot Stops

Counterclockwise Route

  1. RTD University Station
  2. Centennial Towers
  3. Nagel Hall
  4. Mary Reed Building
  5. Parking Lots H1/H2
  6. AOB

 Chariot counterclockwise route map

Clockwise Route (WAV)

  1. RTD University Station
  2. AOB
  3. Mary Reed Building
  4. Parking Lots H1/H2
  5. Nagel Hall
  6. Centennial Towers

 Chariot clockwise route map

Accessible Service

Chariot has accessibility features that allow riders to specify that they will need a vehicle with wheelchair access in their app settings. The wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) runs the clockwise route.

  1. Sign into the Chariot app
  2. Tap on the menu icon
  3. Go to your profile
  4. Tap on the Accessible Service option
  5. Make sure the Wheelchair Accessible Required option is turned on
  1. How do I sign up?
    Download Chariot's mobile app, available for iOS and Android for free. Once downloaded, create  an account by providing your​ ​DU email address​, your name, and your phone number. ​You will  receive an email to verify your account - be sure to click on the link!
  2. I didn't receive a confirmation email.
    Check your Clutter folder for emails from [email protected] If you are still having issues, contact  the Chariot customer support team.
  3. I have signed up but still can't see the routes around the DU campus.
    Have you verified your email address? If not, please be sure to immediately verify your email  address. This will open up access for you to view the routes.
  4. What if I already have a personal Chariot Account?
    Log in to your Chariot account via the website and add your DU email address under Settings, in  the field that is labeled "Professional Email." This will give you access to the DU routes!
  5. How do I pay for the Chariot?
    As a student, faculty or staff of the University of Denver, you have access to unlimited, ​FREE rides.
  6. What is the bus route schedule?
    There are 2 Chariot routes which run clockwise and counterclockwise around the DU campus.  The vehicles run from 7 am to 7 pm. Please check the app or the Chariot website for pickup and  dropoff locations around the DU campus as well as route information.
  7. Will there be added service around DU and surrounding neighborhoods?
    Hopefully! We would love to serve you better and add additional routes and vehicles as future  demand dictates. Please contact Chariot directly at ​[email protected]​ with your preferred route  or stop locations! Also, be sure to sign up with your DU email address so we can survey you on  potential routes to be added!
  8. Is this route available to members of the public?
    This service is currently only offered to DU students, faculty and staff.
  9. What if I need ADA accommodations?
    Each route has a wheelchair accessible vehicle running. Please contact our support team for  more information.
  10. Is there WiFi?
    No, at this point the Chariot's do not have WiFi.
  11. Is there a bike rack?
    No, at this point the Chariot's do not have bike racks.
  12. How does Chariot work?
    • Download the Chariot App on iOS or Android.
    • Sign up using your DU email address
    • Search routes on the right side of the screen to find your preferred route. For returning customers, the "Favorite Route" feature will pre select routes you have already ridden.
    • Once you've found the Chariot you want to ride, "Check in" to your Chariot to reserve your seat and watch the driver on the map.
    • To board, when the driver arrives, flash your Boarding Pass and take a seat. The boarding pass is a random two digit combo that must match the driver's boarding code and shows that you have a ticket to ride!
  13. Can I ride other Chariot routes?
    You can use the public routes available in San Francisco, Austin and New York. Pricing will vary  depending on peak vs off peak. Please see the app or Chariot's website for route stops and  pickup times.
  14. How can I give feedback?
    At the end of your ride, you can leave comments in the text box when you rate your experience.  This feedback goes directly to Chariot and the Commuter Bus team, who are working together to  help optimize your route and ride experience. You can also contact Chariot after your ride, via the  Chat function in their app or on their website. Please see the Feedback and Contact section of  our website for more details.
  15. How can I contact Chariot?
    The quickest and easiest way is through Chariot's app. Tap "Support" from the menu and click on  "Speak with a Chariot Team Member." Alternatively, you can: Shoot Chariot an e-mail at [email protected]. Check out the website - there is a live chat function! For emergencies, call  1-888-735-5079. During operating hours, Chariot has live customer support standing by to provide you with  immediate responses. Current support hours are Monday - Friday, 3:30am to 9:00pm, Saturday,  8am to 8pm and Sunday, 4pm to 8pm. Chariot is expanding towards 24/7 service, stay tuned!
  16. What do I do if I left something on my Chariot?
    Contact Chariot, either through their mobile app and website Chat functions, or through their  hotline. They can search the vehicle you rode for any lost items. They also have a lost and found  that their Drive Team can look through for missing items. Please note: Chariot is not responsible  for lost or stolen items on their vehicles.