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Academic Achievement Program, College of Law:LAW


Academic Advising

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Room 030
Denver CO 80210

Academic Assessment, Office of

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 314
Denver CO 80210

Academic Resources

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Room 030
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Harp, Carol L. 303-871-4295 Officer I, Business
Latino, Niki M. 303-871-2712 Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Academic and Career Development, Center for

Driscoll Center South
2050 E. Evans Ave. Room 030
Denver CO 80210

Accountancy, School of

Daniels College of Business
2101 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Booker, Adam 303-871-3915 Assistant Professor
Brothers, Jeffrey J. 303-871-4369 Teaching Assistant Professor
Casey, Ryan 303-871-2032 Associate Professor
Crampton, Tara A. 303-871-3337 Advisor, Academic
Davisson, KED E. 303-871-4104 Teaching Professor
Dworkis, Kelsey K. 303-871-7515 Assistant Professor
Greiner, Adam J. 303-871-2040 Associate Professor
Hall, Tom 303-871-7949 Assistant Professor of the Practice
Haynes, Mary 303-871-2032 Assistant, Administrative
Holder, Anthony D. 303-871-2032 Associate Professor
Lassar, Sharon 303-871-2015 Professor and Gilbert Endowed Chair
Leaman, Rick S. 303-871-2079 Professor
Loving, Suzette 303-871-2052 Associate Professor of the Practice of Accountancy
Morton, Jane E. 303-871-3965 Teaching Associate Professor
Patelli, Lorenzo 303-871-2959 Dir, School of Accountancy
Patelli, Lorenzo 303-871-2959 Associate Professor
Petrie, Steve C. 303-871-2023 Teaching Assistant Professor
Ruch, George 303-871-2029 Assistant Professor
Victoravich, Lisa M. 303-871-4278 Professor
Waddoups, Nathan 303-871-2026 Assistant Professor

Admission, Office of

University Hall
2197 S. University Blvd.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Axtman, Bryan D. 303-668-5635 Director, Enrollment Research & Analysis
Balows, Rachel B. 303-871-4572 Director, Communications
Carter, Wahhab 281-375-9020 Associate Director, Admission
Colwill, Kristine M. 303-871-6982 Coordinator, Campus Visit Program
Deal, Elizabeth A. 303-871-3383 Assistant, Executive
Dionne, Craig A. 603-493-4286 Director, Regional Admission Office
DuBose, Derek J. 303-871-3597 Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment
Frances, Stephanie 303-871-2794 Assistant Director
Francisco, Michael G. 303-871-2036 Specialist, Enrollment
Gross, Jenn P. 888-838-7146 Senior Associate Director, Systems
Higgins, Hannah 303-871-4489 Specialist, Admission
Kortz, Afton J. 303-871-2696 Associate Director, Admission
Laro, Frank C. 303-871-2036 Assistant Director
Lee, AJ J. 303-871-3389 Admission Counselor
Lipke, Jenn L. 303-871-3052 Associate Director, Transfer Admission
Lira, Gabriel L. 303-871-2715 Assistant Director of CRM Operations
Lucero, Colleen R. 303-871-4391 Manager, Business & Operations
Murillo, Crystal 303-871-2036 Part Time Multicultu Assistant
Nichols, Cate 303-871-4862 Director, Enrollment Services
Nilan, Madeline J. 303-871-3377 Coordinator, Campus Visits Program
Nilan, Madeline J. 303-871-3377
Odom, Carrie 303-871-6892 Specialist, Enrollment
Pomager, Shanna D. 303-871-7645 Director, Campus Visits Program
Rabah, Suha 303-871-3107 Associate Director, International Student Admission
Rhinesmith, Katie P. 303-871-3336 International Application Coordinator
Rinehart, Todd R. 303-871-3125 Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
Rose, Roderick E. 303-871-7890 Director, Diversity Enrollment & Community Partnerships
Smith, Marjorie S. 303-871-2036 Assistant Vice Chancellor, International Admission
Spencer, Aimee A. 303-871-2787 Specialist, Enrollment
Statema, Christy 303-871-7651 Associate Director, Admission
Tengelsen, Stephanie P. 303-871-3209 Senior Associate Director, Admission
Teston, Mitchell A. 303-871-3382 Specialist, Enrollment
Thorstenson, Sarah B. 303-871-7836 Associate Director, Admission
Wilkinson, Connor M. 303-871-2036 Specialist, Enrollment
Wooden, Jacob R. 303-871-3169 Associate Director, International Student Admission


Leo Block Alumni House
2190 E. Asbury Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Anderson, Kendall M. 303-871-6517 Analyst, Prospect Development
Anderson, Lindsay L. 303-871-2261 Executive Director, Regional Advancement & Volunteer Engagement
Appelbaum, Valerie 303-871-4056 Director, Development - STEM
Bahamon, Martha L. 303-871-2733 Executive Director, Foundation Relations
Baker, Grace E. 303-871-7602 Assistant Director, Senior Vice Chancellor's Office
Barbee, Cathey 303-871-3949 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advancement Services
Barber, Geoffrey M. 303-871-4962 PT Data & Gift Processing Spec
Barco, Candice 303-871-3951 Assistant, Development Administrative
Barker, Jessica L. 303-871-4501 Executive Assistant, Senior Vice Chancellor's Office
Bean, Pattie C. 303-871-4682 PT Employer Connections Coord
Berg, Mallory C. 303-871-2162 Associate Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics
Berg, Rebecca K. 303-871-2219 Director, Alumni Engagement - GSPP
Bokenkamp, Gloria 303-871-7778 Assistant Director, Gift Fund Stewardship
Bokenkamp, Katie R. 303-871-3122 Coordinator, Donor Relations & Writer
Bowlby, Nicholas D. 303-871-2681 Associate Director, Community Philanthropy & Activation
Brandhorst, Alex F. 303-871-7873 Associate Director, Prospect Development
Buhr, Sara J. 303-871-7778 Executive Director, Development STEM
Burford, Mackenzie A. 303-871-7014 Part-time Career Advisor
Buzbee, Brandon J. 303-871-2702 Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Networks
Calabro, Cassidy 303-871-3286 Director, Engagement Marketing
Campion, Matt G. 303-871-6123 Director, Development for Sturm College of Law
Chase, Tawny R. 303-871-2704 Associate Director, Gift Administration and Records Management
Columna, Nate F. 303-871-2233 Assistant, Global Networks Administrative
DeWoody, Julie 303-871-7778 Executive Director, Development- Josef Korbel School of International Studies
Dean, Laura E. 303-871-3208 Executive Director, Alumni Engagement - NSM & RSECS
Dietrich, Erin J. 303-871-3283 Director, Alumni Engagement - CAHSS
Easter, Allie C. 303-871-2164 Specialist, Data & Gift Processing
Einstein, Carly S. 303-871-2140 Director, Alumni Engagement - GSSW
Elizardi, Brian J. 303-871-3971 Director, Alumni Engagement
Farris, Natley 303-871-2780 Associate Director, Advancement Events
Feldman, Lisa M. 303-871-6754 Executive Director, Annual & Leadership Giving
Flaherty, Tim 303-871-3193 Director, Development - DCB
Garcia, Tania R. 303-871-2114 Director, Development - Southwest
Garner, Jennifer P. 303-871-7467 Executive Director, Development - CAHSS
Garrison, Lissy A. 303-871-2708 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Development
Geddes, Mike R. 303-871-4032 Associate Director, Crimson Call Center
Genter, Amanda 303-871-4723 Officer I, Business
Glenn, Shelby M. 303-871-2699 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Donor Stewardship & Community Experiences
Goss-Alexander, Elise R. 303-871-4274 Assistant Director, Student Employment
Grogan, Amanda M. 303-871-7554 Director, Development - Leadership Annual Giving, DCB
Haas, Jenny S. 303-871-7778 Assistant Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development
Hagerty, Brendan 303-871-2102 Director, Development - Northeast
Haliko, Ashley N. 303-871-2675 Executive Director, Development - GSPP
Hereford, Natalie G. 303-871-5942 Market Fellow
Ho, Felicia H. 303-871-6122 Director, Alumni Engagement - SCOL
Hornsby, Wyatt C. 303-871-3723 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Creative Engagement
Howard, Sara 303-871-6397 PT Coordinator, PFG
Howell, Nicolette L. 303-871-2925 Manager, Events
Hronek, Brandon 303-871-4677 Coordinator, Business & Expense Operations
Hyman, Cindy J. 303-871-2234 Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development
Ignaczak, Mike J. 303-871-4475 PT Computer Support Specialist
Ingram, Adrian L. 303-871-3231 Director, Development - Leadership Annual Giving
Inselman, Kyle M. 303-871-4292 Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development
Iracki, Liz R. 303-871-2131 Director, Regional Engagement - Southwest
Irving, Ann K. 303-871-2729 Director, Development - JKSIS
Johnson, Sheffield L. 303-871-7947 Specialist, Application Support
Kelly, Tonya C. 303-871-7839 Director, Development - AHSS
Kilcoyne, Meagan O. 303-871-3274 Associate Director, Development - NCPA
Knapp, Arthur D. 303-871-2748 Assistant Director, Email & Digital Marketing
Knight, John G. 303-871-7778 PT Alumni Engagement Coord DCB
Kraus, Jon 303-871-4619 Executive Director, Gift Planning
Lamm, Lillie P. 303-871-2597 Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
Lasala, Mike 303-871-7878 Director, Prospect Development
Lawson, Mary Beth E. 303-871-2735 Executive Director, Development - GSSW
Lucero, Demetrio A. 303-871-2521 Specialist, Data & Gift Processing
Ludemann, Brooke A. 303-871-2534 Director, Donor Relations & Stewardship
Lynch, Jeremy J. 303-871-2196 Director, Regional Engagement - Pacific Northwest
Mall, Jane 303-871-2694 Dir Campus Engagement, CPD
Manalio, Liz 303-871-2105 Director, Regional Engagement - Northeast
Mandolini, Aimee 303-871-7668 Executive Director, Development in Daniel College of Business
Martin, Piper B. 303-871-2928 Director, Lead Marketing & Community Activation
McKenna, Faith 303-871-5943 Market Fellow
McKenzie, Isabel 303-871-2730 Director, Development, Principal Gifts
McSheehy, Diane E. 303-871-3081 Associate Director, Parent & Family Giving
Melick, Linda J. 303-871-4485 Coordinator, Gift Planning
Montelibano, Meghan C. 303-871-4108 Coordinator, Alumni Engagement
Morofsky, Sarabeth P. 303-871-7778 Associate Director, Career & Professional Development
Moulton, John C. 303-871-3966 Director, Gift Administration & Records Management
Myers, A.J. 303-871-3981 Assistant, Development Administrative
Nagle, Tommy 303-871-2577 Coordinator, Business & Expense Operations
Naley, Chris 303-871-4928 Manager, Events
Nelson, Annette M. 303-871-2562 Assistant, Regional Advancement Administrative
Nelson, Julia A. 303-871-3514 Assistant Director, Employer Connections
Nordwall, Hannu M. 303-871-3054 Coordinator, Graphic Design
Oh, Jennifer 303-871-4206 Director of Midwest Regional Engagement
Olivares Kirkeby, Alicia 303-871-2541 Director, Alumni Engagement - JKSIS
Olson, Lisa M. 303-871-7954 Director, Development - Foundation Relations
Otten, Val A. 303-871-2647 Senior Vice Chancellor
Perman, Heidi 303-871-2788 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career & Professional Development
Pratt, Layne E. 303-871-4612 Volunteer Leadership Consult
Pritchett, Megan R. 303-871-3927 Advisor, Graduate Career
Prochnow, Ruth R. 303-871-4705 PT Phone Outreach Assistant
Ransom, Michael 303-871-2644 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Development
Rathburn, Richard T. 303-871-3851 Executive Director, Employer Connections
Redfield, Lisa C. 303-871-7866 Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics
Satterwhite, Sarah D. 303-871-4674 Senior Writer, Advancement
Savage, Jenny L. 303-871-4014 Assistant Director, Scholarship & Fund Stewardship
Shareef, Hamza A. 303-871-3354 Analyst, Business
Shaw, Alisha 303-871-3053 Asst Director, Employer Conn
Shaw, Karen J. 303-871-2771 Director, Development - Gift Planning
Shepherd, Collin T. 303-871-4463 Associate Director, Advancement Events
Shultz, Andrea A. 303-871-2113 Director, Development - Southeast
Simms, Edwina B. 303-871-3754 Director, Regional Engagement - Southeast
Sochacki, Natalie 303-871-7678 Coordinator, Community Philanthropy
Sommers, Carolyn 303-871-4309 Assistant Director, Career & Professional Development
Spitz, Mona F. 303-871-4750 Director, Development - DCB
Stajduhar, Lauren A. 303-871-2395 Coordinator, Stewardship Campaigns
Stevens, Stacey R. 303-871-2378 Director, Student Employment
Stewart, Amanda Y. 303-871-6623 Executive Director, Development - Parent & Family Giving
Stribling, Megan M. 303-871-2375 Director, Alumni Engagement - MCE
Szewczuga, Lexi 303-871-3109 Analyst, Prospect Development
Tasker, Delaney 303-871-4715 Assistant, Advance Operations Administrative
Thibodeaux, Toni L. 303-871-4983 Analyst, Prospect Development
Thompson, Brent T. 303-871-7483 Director, Alumni Engagement - DCB
Torres, Tina G. 303-871-3813 Manager, Giving Societies
Twiggs, Shanda M. 303-871-2658 Manager, Events
Upchurch, Rosi 303-871-3612 Specialist, Data & Gift Processing
Vera, Jeremy 303-871-6767 Manager, Building Operations & Community Engagement
Von Schulz, Brian C. 303-871-4728 Associate Director, Creative Services
Ward, Jeremy A. 303-871-4982 Associate Director, IT & Web Operations
Weaver, James D. 303-871-3050 Assistant Director, Social Media & Content Marketing
Webb, Jessica E. 303-871-3982 Executive Director, Development - MCE
Woods, Ashlee D. 303-871-6076 Executive Director, Development - SCOL
Yenter, Janet N. 303-871-7979 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Alumni Engagement
Zad, Michelle 303-871-4704 Analyst, Business

Advancement of the American Legal System, Institute for the

John Moye Hall
2060 S Gaylord Way
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Bowling, Cynthia L. 303-871-6614 Assistant, Executive/Legal
Cornett, Logan D. 303-871-1660 Director of Research
Downing, Amy D. 303-871-6600 Manager, Events
Drobinske, Janet 303-871-6627 Senior Assistant, Legal
Gomez, Theresa M. 303-871-6604 Manager, Budget & Operations
Hosack, Maddie A. 303-871-6630 Coordinator, Communications
Houlberg, Michael A. 303-871-6647 Manager, IAALS
Kauffman, Brittany K. 303-871-6619 Senior Director
Laurel, Jonathan M. 303-871-6603 Specialist, Operations
Louison, Lynnea G. 303-871-6615 Senior Director, Operations
Meyer, Brooke H. 303-871-6640 Manager
Montague, Kelsey L. 303-871-1660 Associate Director, Marketing & Public Relations
Perlinger, Jonna M. 303-871-1662 Assistant, Legal
Swearingen, James T. 303-871-6643 Assistant, Research
Willis, Zachary A. 303-871-6606 Associate Director, Communications

African-American Policy, Center for

Mary Reed Building
2199 S. University Blvd. Room 107
Denver CO 80210

All Undergraduate Student Association (AUSA)

Driscoll Center North
2055 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Anthropology, Department of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 146
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Amati, Anne C. 303-871-2687 Coordinator, NAGPRA
Becker, Amy S. 303-871-2677 Assistant to the Chairs
Carlson, Sarah E. 303-871-2406 Curator, Collections
Ceron, Alejandro 303-871-2683 Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology
Clark, Bonnie J. 303-871-2875 Director, Undergraduate Studies; Professor, Archaeology
Conyers, Lawrence 303-871-2684 Director, Graduate Studies; Professor, Archaeology
Fayard, Kelly 303-871-2679 Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology
Fayard, Kelly -303-8711 Assistant Professor, Cultural Anthropology
Gomez, Esteban 303-871-2688 Assistant Professor, Museum & Heritage Studies
Herzog, Nicole M. 303-871-2406 Assistant Professor, Archaeology
Kreps, Christina F. 303-871-2688 Chair, Department of Anthropology; Director, Museum of Anthropology; Director, Museum & Heritage Studies; Professor, Museum & Heritage Studies
Kreps, Christina F. 303-871-2688 Chair, Anthropology
Saitta, Dean J. 303-871-2680 Director, Urban Studies; Professor, Anthropology

Anthropology, Museum of

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 102
Denver CO 80210

Applied Research Technology Institute

Wesley Hall
2135 E. Wesley Ave.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
New, Donald L. 303-871-2411 Senior Project Manager

Arboretum, The Chester M Alter

Facilities Service Center
2400 S. Race St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Martin, Patrick H. 303-871-4294 Kurtz Chair

Architect, University

Facilities Service Center
2400 S. Race St. Room 204
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Loefgren, Jane M. 303-871-4811 Architectural Consultant
Rodgers, Mark E. 303-871-4779 University Architect

Archives and Special Collections (Library):PLIB

Anderson Academic Commons
2150 E. Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80210



Art and Art History, School of

Shwayder Art Building
2121 E. Asbury St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Callahan, Meagan B. 303-871-2081 Assistant, Visual Media Center
Casanova, Kate 303-871-2846 Assistant Professor
Chanzit, Gwen L. 303-871-4790 Director of Museum Studies
Chanzit, Gwen L. 303-871-4790 Professor of the Practice of Museum Studies
Chauvin, Catherine M. 303-871-2846 Associate Professor
Fajardo, Rafael A. 303-871-3265 Associate Professor
Gjertson, Sarah 303-871-3263 Professor
Hartog, Lauren E. 303-871-4445 Assistant, Administrative
Headrick, Annabeth 303-871-2846 Associate Professor
Headrick, Annabeth 303-871-2846 Director, School of Art & Art History
Howard, Deborah 303-871-2846 Professor
Johnson, Eric D. 303-871-2846 Technician, Studio
Kellermeyer, Jason T. 303-871-3255 Coordinator III, Business
MacInnes, Roddy 303-871-2846 Associate Professor
Magnatta, Sarah J. 303-871-4138 Assistant Professor
Mehran, Laleh 303-871-3264 Professor
Montgomery, Scott B. 303-871-3272 Associate Professor
Moor, Bilha 303-871-2451 Assistant Professor
Mulvey, Mia 303-871-2846 Associate Professor
Parks, Nicole A. 303-871-2825 Director, Madden Museum Programs
Seneff, Heather 303-871-3277 Director, Visual Media Center
Shamos, Geoffrey E. 303-871-2846 Director, Gallery
Sobel, Dean S. 303-871-2846 Associate Professor of the Practice of Art History and Museum Studies
Stott, Annette 303-871-2846 Professor
Tischler, Jeanie L. 303-871-2930 Assistant to the Director III
Wang, Chinn 303-871-2846 Teaching Associate Professor
Weaver, Timothy 303-871-2846 Professor

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Sturm Hall
2000 East Asbury Avenue Room 457
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Billauer, Jeremy A. 303-871-4449 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Boyle, Brenda M. 303-871-4449 Manager, Enrollment Services
Chirlin, Laura A. 303-871-3640 Officer I, Business
Crawford, Ethan B. 303-871-4204 Head, IT - MFJS
Crecelius, Annetta 303-871-2466 Director, Marketing & Communications
Firebaugh, Kristy 303-871-2169 Associate Dean, Academic Planning and Communications
Gates, Chanin 303-871-4460 Assistant, Executive
Girtin, Kaitlin J. 303-871-3793 PT Devt Coordinator, CAHSS
Hollenbach, Kate 303-871-4449 Assistant Professor
Hutcherson, Hillary L. 303-871-4449 Analyst, Digital Marketing
Jones, Kirk 303-871-2511 Associate Dean & Chief Operating Officer
Kerr, Nessa A. 303-871-3716 Manager, Collections
Male, Sara A. 303-871-2997 Business Coordinator
McIntosh, Daniel N. 303-871-4460 Dean
Mehran, Laleh 303-871-3264 Director, EDP
Miller, Laura I. 303-871-4562 Manager, Communications & Events
Phillips, Noah T. 303-871-7962 Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor
Quinlisk, Jeff M. 303-871-4577 Director, Business & Operations
Ralston, Laura B. 303-871-4389 Director, Graduate Recruitment and Admissions
Seelig, Evanne M. 303-871-6351 Manager, Digital Communications
Steelman, Megan A. 303-871-2485 Coordinator, graduate Recruitment & Admissions
Tague, Ingrid H. 303-871-2057 Senior Associate Dean
Weissman, Dorian B. 303-871-7716 Assistant to the Chair I

Athletics and Recreation, Division of

Daniel L. Ritchie Center
2201 E. Asbury St.
Denver CO 80210

Department Contacts

Name Phone Number Email Title
Alexander, Bacari T. 303-871-3391 Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Angle, Allyson E. 303-871-2275 Coach, TOPS Head Age Group
Aschenbrenner, Jessica R. 303-871-2326 Assistant Coach, Women's Volleyball
Badder, Jesse R. 303-871-2275 Associate Director, Ritchie Wellness Center Programming
Baker, Kristin D. 303-871-4916 Manager, Youth Gymnastics Program
Bass, Christian E. 303-871-7425 Head Coach, Women's Tennis
Benson, Andy A. 303-871-4406 Director, Golf
Bent, Maxwell F. 303-871-3293 Director, Men's Basketball Operations
Billups, Rodney D. 303-871-3907 Head Coach, Men's Basketball
Blankenship, Niko B. 303-871-3942 Director, Communications & Sports Information
Boone, Emily C. 303-871-4648 Associate Athletic Director, Development and Strategy
Boone, Joshua N. 303-871-4224 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Deputy Athletic Director, Strategy and Finance
Boros, Gary J. 303-871-7411 Associate Director, Sports Performance
Bridges, Lisa A. 303-871-4048 Assistant, Executive
Brown, Matt 303-871-4347 Associate Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Bruckhart, Nicky N. 303-871-4241 Manager, Business & Operations
Campbell, Julie A. 303-871-3918 Associate Athletic Director, Pioneer Performance
Carle, David G. 303-871-3815 Head Coach, Men's Hockey
Carney, Shane P. 303-871-4113 Assistant Director, Production & Creative
Carpenter, Trake J. 303-871-2275 Head Coach, Men's Golf
Clifford, James 303-871-3932 Manager, Equipment
Colquette, Ernest P. 303-871-2275 Maintenance Foreman
Cook, Rachel J. 303-871-7006 Assistant Director, Aquatics
Coutts, Lynn A. 303-871-3892 Associate Vice Chancellor, Deputy Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Excellence
Creech, Karlton 303-871-3399 Vice Chancellor, Athletics & Recreation
D'Addario, Aaron 303-871-3921 Head Coach, Diving
DeLuca, Michael E. 303-871-2275 Assistant Athletic Trainer
DePaola, Michael M. 303-871-3282 Manager, Equipment
Dudevoir, Mary C. 303-871-3917 Assistant, Athletic Trainer
Eckert, Michael T. 303-871-2225 Assistant, Athletic Trainer
Evans, Brittany N. 303-871-3829 Specialist, Web
Ferguson, Dallas W. 303-871-3815 Assistant Coach, Men's Hockey
Field, Angel 303-871-7973 Associate Athletic Director, External Relations
Fowler, Nicole E. 303-871-2275 Assistant Coach, Sport Performance
Franklin, Alicia J. 303-871-3906 Head Coach, Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
Franks, Jamie 303-871-4967 Head Coach, Men's Soccer
Gaveika, Linas 303-871-4658 Assistant Coach, Women's Gymnastics
Gleason, Adam T. 303-871-3863 Coordinator, Travel & Finance
Green, Toni D. 303-871-4797 Officer I, Business
Hallam, Scott S. 303-871-3929 Superintendent, Golf Course
Halsall, Stuart 303-871-3058 Associate Vice Chancellor, Deputy Athletic Director, Chief Operating Officer
Harbison, Kelsey L. 303-871-2275 Assistant, Sports Program
Hattenburg, Karyn 303-871-7763 Director, Operations
Hemmi, Masaki 303-871-3923 Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer
Henderson, Ed P. 303-871-7528 Assistant Director, Technical Services
Hogan, Tom 303-871-4874 Head Coach, Women's Volleyball
Hooker, Jeff S. 303-871-3154 Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Houlis, Ali K. 303-871-7577 Assistant Director, Scheduling, Facility Rentals & Retail
Kapetan, Dimitri A. 303-871-4590 Technician, Production
Kelly, Eliza S. 303-871-4703 Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Kesner, Jason L. 303-871-4637 Assistant Director, Compliance
Kramer, Jim M. 303-871-4076 Director, Finance
Kuhle, Lindsay A. 303-871-7461 Head Coach, Women's Golf
Kutcher, Melissa F. 303-871-2275 Head Coach, Women's Gymnastics
Larson, Eric J. 303-871-3094 Technician, Production
LeRoy, Andy T. 303-871-3822 Head Coach, Alpine Skiing
Leu, Aaron A. 303-871-3649 Associate Director, Sports Medicine
Liss, Brandon M. 303-871-2275 Kitchen Manager/Chef
Lowe, Ryan H. 303-871-3720 Director, Development - Athletics
MacDonald, Jaime M. 303-871-4015 Assistant, Golf Professional
MacMillan, Tavis 303-871-3742 Assistant Coach, Men's Hockey
Macneill, Brandon K. 303-871-2785 Associate Vice Chancellor, Deputy Athletic Director, Chief Revenue Officer
Maguire, Mark H. 303-871-2275 Associate Head Coach, Men's & Women's Swimming
Mareck, Jill M. 303-871-3854 Assistant Director, Ritchie Wellness Center Events
McDonald, Erik D. 303-871-7444 Manager, JBA Operations & Hockey Programs
Mcgreevy, Matthew S. 303-871-2390 Assistant Director, Communications
Meldrum, Nick 303-871-3903 Manager, Equipment Room Operations Program
Murray, Tim 303-871-7984 Assistant Coach, Sports Performance
Nagai, Cindi K. 303-871-4532 Associate Athletic Director, SWA
Nealy, Gary 303-871-2275 Operator, Golf Equipment
O'Kane, Jeanie M. 303-871-2275 Assistant, Sports Program
Opitz, Katelin E. 303-871-3889 Associate Head Coach, Volleyball
Peat, Kris G. 303-871-7559 Associate Head Coach, Women's Soccer
Pennewell, David J. 303-871-4786 Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Perkins, Barbara F. 303-871-2275 Assistant Men's & Women's Swimming Coach & Head Triathlon Coach
Poland, Ryan J. 303-871-3526 Assistant, Sports Program
Pratt, Jimmy M. 303-871-2275 Assistant Coach, Women's Gymnastics
Queener, Brice H. 303-871-2275 Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Read, Brittany D. 303-871-2275 Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse
Reid, Shawn M. 303-871-3388 Manager, Youth Hockey Operations Program
Ridings, Andrea H. 303-871-2275 Lead Server
Robrock, Kyle J. 303-871-4655 Assistant Coach, Men's & Women's Swimming
Roponen, Toni K. 303-871-2275 Head Coach, Nordic Skiing
Rossi, Levi A. 303-871-3728 Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer
Rubio, Ricardo V. 303-871-2512 Head Coach, Men's Tennis
Rush, Crystal M. 303-871-7859 Assistant, Athletic Trainer
Schiraldi, Heather M. 303-871-3938 Specialist, Marketing
Schulthies, Daron 303-871-2275 Manager, DUGC at Highlands Ranch
Shaw, Matthew 303-871-3887 Director, Sports Performance
Sheetz, Shelley C. 303-871-4714 Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
Smith, Christopher M. 303-871-7555 Manager, Publicity
Smith, Shawn M. 303-871-3135 Head Coach, Hilltopper Swim Team
Sposato, Raman T. 303-871-3392 Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Taft, Trevor C. 303-871-7005 Manager, Ritchie Center Events
Thomas, Matthew 303-871-7562 Volunteer Hockey Coach
Thorne II, Dwight L. 303-871-4781 Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball
Tierney, Bill G. 303-871-3531 Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse
Tynan, Bernadette M. 303-871-2275 Coordinator, Learn to Skate
Vannice, Austin C. 303-871-2275 Assistant, Golf Professional
Velarde-Menary, Jen Menary 303-871-3165 Director, Marketing
Welke, Deborah E. 303-871-2690 Director, Technical Services
Werntz, Lindsay E. 303-871-3967 Assistant Coach, Women's Basketball
White, Josie K. 303-871-4583 Assistant, Athletic Trainer
Whitmyre, Keith R. 303-871-2275 Food & Beverage Manager
Willis, Robert G. 303-871-4966 Assistant Vice Chancellor, Deputy Athletic Director, Community Engagement
Woods, Doshia L. 303-871-3926 Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Zucchini Fowler, Austin M. 303-871-2275 Coach, Lincoln Site Lead