Contact by Name

Name Position Email Phone/Office 
Ahmed, Jamaal Associate Registrar 303-871-4024
UHall G007
Bauer, Alex Associate Registrar 303-871-4033
UHall G005
Becker, Dennis Registrar 303-871-4095
UHall G045
Bishop, Bradley Lead Academic Certifying Specialist 303-871-5529
UHall G031
Butler, Lauryn Customer Service Associate 303-871-4026 UHall Front Desk
Curl, Keelin Degree Evaluator 303-871-3991
UHall G055
Edmans, Wenguo Web/Computer Systems Specialist 303-871-4028
UHall G005
Hanson, Michelle Associate Registrar 303-871-4178
UHall G008
Hart, Dalton Degree Evaluator 303-871-4029 UHall G055
Hart, Tracey Academic Certifying Specialist 303-871-6387
UHall G031
Kirk, Jared Credential Evaluator 303-871-3992 Uhall G055
Kumar, Bianca Continuing Education Specialist 303-871-5277 Uhall G008
Lavery, Jane Student Systems Analyst 303-871-5607
UHall G008
Maly, John Assistant Registrar 303-871-3990 UHall G031
McCarty, Paul Communications and Bulletin Specialist 303-871-4052 UHall G055
Nichols, Madison Credential Evaluator 303-871-4985 Uhall G055
Peyfoon, Anahita Transcript/Grading Coordinator 303-871-4986
UHall G008
Saunders, Chad Degree Audit Specialist 303-871-7682
UHall G008
Saunders, Daniel Student System Analyst 303-871-4996
UHall G030
Thao, Sage Degree Evaluator 303-871-4083 UHall G055
Vega Norell, S. Claudia Schedule and Catalog Coordinator 303-871-4795
UHall G055