When to Register

Consult the Registration & Billing Calendar on the Calendars & Deadlines section of this website for registration dates for the current year.

More information about registration for new and current students below.

When will you register? It depends.

  • New undergraduate students entering in the fall:

    You will be eligible to begin registration in July and will meet with an advisor in advance of registration, Keep an eye out for an email with your registration time.

  • New undergraduate students entering in the Winter, Spring, or Summer quarter:

    The Discoveries Orientation Office will contact you about orientation and registration.

  • Transfer Students:

    The Discoveries Orientation Office will send you information about orientation and registration eligibility.

  • Current students:

    You can find your registration start time by checking your Student Profile or the Prepare for Registration link in the Registration section of MyDU.

  • Undergraduate summer special-status, visiting or non-degree-seeking students:

    If you're enrolling only in DU summer courses, you can register under open enrollment. Learn more at Summer@DU. If you're interested in continuing at DU beyond summer quarter, you must complete our Application for Admission.

  • Non degree-seeking graduate students or graduate students visiting from another institution:

    Review information, policies and procedures for Graduate Non-degree Students. Then, complete and submit the Graduate Non-degree Application each quarter to maintain your registration eligibility. Contact the Office of Graduate Education at 303-871-2706 or by email at gradinfo@du.edu for more information.


If you’re enrolled or interested in these schools or programs, contact them directly to register.

Beware of Registration Holds

Be sure to check your registration status before registration begins. Registration holds will prevent you from registering.

Registration Timelines

How Registration Times Are Determined

The Time Ticket assignment process controls and manages the size and order of registration times. Time assignments are generated based on the number of credits a student has earned, including study abroad and transfer credits, and hours in progress (credits for which the student has registered but have not been graded). The system is designed so that the closer the student is to completing their degree, the more priority they are given to take the specific classes they need to finish their program. Students are placed in groups of 50-70 students in 10-minute timing intervals.

Priority Registration

The University of Denver allows priority registration for the following types of students:

  • Students with an approved accommodation through the Disability Services Program
    • Students who require pre-arranged support services, such as sign language interpreters that are necessary for accommodation;
    • Students who have physical constraints due to mobility loss, speed, and/or endurance;
    • Students who have physical or cognitive restrictions due to fatigue, sleep disorders, medication side effects, or sustained concentration as verified by a physician, medical reports, or psycho-educational evaluation;
    • Students who require medical treatment/intervention/therapy that highly impacts scheduling
  • ROTC Students
  • Athletes
  • University Honors

Students granted priority registration are given an additional 45-credit placeholder in the calculation of their time assignment placing them in groups of students approximately one year ahead in progress toward their degrees. The groups of students accorded registration priority have been granted this based in recognition of unique scheduling constraints faced by these groups.

Registration Sequence

Registration for an upcoming quarter opens the seventh week of the quarter excluding summer registration. Students register in the following sequence:

  1. Registration begins Monday of the 7th week of the quarter at 9 am with continuing graduate students.
  2. Registration for continuing Social Work students begins on Wednesday of the 7th week of the quarter.
  3. New graduate students begin registration on Friday of the 7th week of the quarter.
  4. Registration begins for continuing undergraduates at 9 am on Monday of the 8th week of the quarter.
  5. New undergraduate students and undergraduate transfer students begin registration on the last day (Friday) of 8th week of the quarter.

Note: Non-U.S. citizens visiting DU—If you're not a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident, you can't register for classes at DU until you contact the Office of International Admission at 303-871-2790.

Register on Time or Pay the Late Fee

Once you register, you may drop and add courses freely through the fifth business day of the quarter without financial penalty. However, if you don't begin registration before the first day of the quarter, you are assessed a late-registration service charge that cannot be waived.

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