We believe it's crucial that students at DU feel that our grading processes and policies are fair, equitable, and transparent. To that end, the Office of the Registrar is proud to provide guidance on the University's grading policies. Below, you'll find links to different sections of our site that cover key grading topics. The University of Denver does not calculate class rank for undergraduate or graduate students except for the Sturm College of Law.

On this page, you'll also find information on how COVID-19 has impacted our grading policies. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Office.

Grade Points & Terms

Explore a basic overview of our grading system and standards.

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Grade Report

Learn how to access your grade report.

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Grade Change Policy

Find out about the circumstances in which final grades can be changed.

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Grade Appeals

In rare cases, students may be able to appeal a final grade if it's determined the grading process was improper.

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GPA Replacement

Students who receive a C- or below in a class may be eligible to repeat that class to replace their initial grade.

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Incomplete (I) Policy

An "I" is a temporary grade given at the instructor's discretion to a student when reasons beyond the student's control prevent completion of a course.

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Changes to Grading Due to COVID