Other Student Services

The Office of the Registrar is an essential resource that you'll draw on throughout your time at DU. Whether you're a new transfer student wondering how to transfer credits or a current student making sure you're ready for graduation, we're here to help. We also help student-athletes balance their academic and athletic pursuits, work with students in military education programs and help you navigate choices on privacy and self-identification.


Know the Steps to Graduation

So, you’re in the home stretch and getting ready to graduate. We can help make sure you've met all graduation requirements and have your application to graduate in order. We can also help answer questions around graduating with honors, and provide general information about the ceremonies.

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Transfer & Study Abroad Credits

If you're joining us after spending time at another college or University, we can help you navigate the process of applying those credits towards your goals at DU.

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Military Education Programs

We work with students on the GI Bill®, as well as those in ROTC programs, to ensure they're able to fully utilize the resources available to them during their time at DU.

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Athletic Services

We're responsible for determining eligibility for student-athletes, and can help them ensure they stay on the right track academically.

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Need to Get Something Done? There's a Form for That!

If we ask you to fill out a form, you’ll find it here.

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Identity Resources & Privacy Protection

Identity Resources

We've worked to change our information systems to allow students more control over how they're identified by the University, including gender designation, personal pronouns and preferred names. In addition to helping ensure our students have their identities honored and respected, this also allows us to better understand campus demographics, and to improve our acknowledgment of and services to our diversity of communities.

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As a university student, you have a number of rights regarding your educational records. We're here to help you understand and navigate these rights. Whether you need to release your records to an employer or would like to understand who can view your records and when, the Office of the Registrar can help.

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