This section includes some terminology and codes related to academics to serve as reference tool for employees. 

  • College

    College: Academic division in the University organizational structure typically led by a dean and containing several academic departments.

    College Codes include:

    AH       Arts and Humanities
    DC       Business
    ED       Education
    EN       Engineering & Computer Science
    IL         Joint PhD in Study of Religion
    IS         International Studies
    LW      Law
    NM      Natural Sciences & Mathematics
    PP       Professional Psychology
    SS       Social Work
    TX       Taxation
    UC       University College
    UG       Undergraduate General

  • Course Number

    Course Number: A four digit number used in combination with a subject code to denote a specific course in the University catalog. The following ranges of course numbers indicate the course level:

    0001-0999                 Pre-collegiate, Remedial, or Continuing Education Unit Courses
    1000-1999                 Undergraduate Courses (Lower Division)
    2000-2999                 Advanced Undergraduate Courses (Upper Division)
    3000-3999                 Advanced Undergraduate/Graduate Courses (Combined)
    4000 or Over             Graduate Courses

  • Department

    Department: Academic unit within a college curriculum, faculty and courses are organized under. Here is a current list of departments: Department Codes

  • Level

    Level is assigned to both students and courses and control enrollment in courses and how credits will be applied with respect to GPA. Courses and students can have more than one level associated with them; however, a student’s record has a primary level.

    Levels at DU are defined as follows:

    00        Level Not Declared
    CE       Continuing Education Level
    FP       Law Semester
    GR       Graduate
    PC       Pre-Collegiate
    UC       Undergraduate Completion Program (used by University College BACP)
    UG       Undergraduate

  • Subject Code or Subject

    A two to four alphanumeric code indicating the subject or discipline being taught in a course.

    Here is a current list of subject codes: Subject Codes

  • Term Code (Term)

    Term Code (Term): Indicates the academic year and academic term. University of Denver operates on quarter and semesters as well as conducts courses for interterms and a continuing/professional education term.

    Term codes are created by combing the four-digit calendar year with the two-digit code indicating the term. For example, the term code for autumn quarter 2023 is 202370.

    Quarter codes are:

    Winter: 10
    Spring: 30
    Summer: 50
    Autumn: 70

    Semester codes are:

    Spring: 20

    Summer: 40

    Autumn: 60

    Interterm codes are:

    Spring: 25
    Winter: 85

    The continuing/professional education code is: 01