Student Location & Address Policy

Accurate address and student location information is imperative for many reasons. Safety and emergency notification processes require accurate student location information; certain educational benefits are based on student location; regulations for international students require the University to maintain accurate address information.

Federal regulations (34 CFR § 668.43) require that for programs leading to licensure, the University must determine the location of the student enrolled in the program and must notify students if professional licensure or certification requirements in the state in which they are located are not met by the curriculum of the program, or if DU has not determined whether the curriculum meets the requirements in the state where they are located.

Other federal regulations (34 CFR § 600.9) require DU to obtain authorization to operate in any state where a student is located.

DU will determine a student's location (state):

  1. at the time of the student's initial application to an educational program
  2. upon receipt of information regarding a change in the student's location or address
  3. at least two times per year when DU will solicit student location and address information and maintain and publish processes for students to provide such information
  4. if the student does not provide a physical location, and is enrolled in at least one on-campus course, the student's physical location is determined to be Colorado
  5. if a student does not provide a physical location, and is not enrolled in at least one on-campus course, the student's physical location is determined to be the state provided in the student's address

Updating Address

Students may update their address via My Person Profile accessed through MyDU. Students unable to make address changes online can pursue the following options:

Download and fill out the address change form on

Send an email to; include student number and indicate which address or addresses are to be changed. (See Types of Address.)

Call 303-­871­-4095. (For security reasons, students are asked to give identifying information.)

Send a fax to 303-­871­-4300. (Include student number, month and date of birth, and indicate which address types are to be changed.)

Types of Address

Mailing: This is the default address used by DU. All constituents should have a correct mailing address.

Billing: Used to send the tuition bill to a different address from the mailing address.

Business: Your place of work. For DU employees, this will be your office address.

Grades: Used to send grades to to a different address than the mailing address.

Home: Used to distinguish a permanent (family) address for students from out of the area, or a home address for alumni. International students and employees (visa classes F, M and J) must maintain a valid foreign address in this field.

On­-Campus: Used only for University housing addresses. It is populated automatically each term.

Parents: DU can maintain up to two addresses for parents.

Seasonal: Used to override your permanent mailing ad­dress for certain times each year—e.g., a summer house.

Temporary: Used to override your permanent mailing address for a single specified period.