Classroom Seating Plans

Winter Quarter and Spring Semester 2022

  • For Winter Quarter and Spring semester, students are requested to select and sit in the same seats and that faculty notify the office of the registrar of the chosen seats.
  • Seating charts are not required for sections with fewer than 20 students but are still encouraged to aid contact tracing.
  • Seating charts will be used to support contact tracing if a student in your class should test positive for coronavirus.
  • Seating assignments are required only for lecture or seminar courses with more than twenty students. Labs, performance and studio classes do not require seating assignments.
  • Paper floor plans and sign-in sheets will be placed in classrooms for all sections with more than 20 students.
  • Faculty are requested not to move furniture during the fall terms or return furniture at the end of class.  

Floor plans and sign-in sheets can be circulated in class. Students can update add their names to these sheets. Labels with students’ names will also be distributed to academic units to facilitate names being placed on rosters. For larger sections, or sections in fixed-seating rooms, sign-in sheets are probably easiest to manage. Seat numbers will be placed on chairs in all fixed-seating rooms prior to the beginning of classes.  

 There are three easy ways to track seating assignments.  

  1. Circulate floor plan for students to write in or place label
  2. Circulate sign-in sheet for students to write in or place label
  3. A single person can enter students’ names in Excel sign-in sheet

It is not necessary to include DU ID numbers on the rosters.

Email the completed seat assignment document to

We encourage faculty so create a seating chart on the first day of classes and after the first week of the quarter. Faculty can submit updated seating charts at any time.  

Faculty should retain a copy of the seating chart and remind students to make a note of their assigned seats.

Any questions can be directed to or to

Classroom Seat Assignments by Building

Seat assignment documents are not available for all classrooms. For classes with enrollments of 20 or more, faculty are encouraged to create a diagram and send to

For additional information about seating chart and other classroom protocols, visit DU's COVID Protocols page.