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Office of the Registrar

Degree Programs & Requirements

Undergraduate Programs

The University of Denver offers a variety of undergraduate degree options, each requiring a certain number of majors and/or minors. See our undergraduate degree page for a complete listing of available majors and minors and the academic degree options associated with them.

If you need to declare a degree/major combination, change your current degree and/or major, or add or drop a major or minor, you should submit the Application to Declaration or Change Undergraduate Degree/Major/Minor (PDF). 

Students in the University College and Colorado Women's College bachelor's degree programs should contact their unit to make changes to their curriculum.

Concurrent Bachelor's Degrees

If you want to pursue two separate undergraduate degrees simultaneously, you must obtain an Application to Complete Two Bachelors Degrees Concurrently (PDF) from the Office of Academic Advising. A concurrent degree is different than a double major where the majors are within the same degree.

If you decide to complete two degrees, you must work with advisers in each degree area to establish an academic plan for completing requirements for both degrees. The concurrent degree application and the academic plan must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for final approval. To earn both degrees, you must earn the following:

  • A minimum of 228 quarter hours (certain degree combinations may require additional hours)
  • Completion of all university undergraduate requirements as required by both degrees (Common Curriculum requirements need only be completed once but any unique requirements for each degree program must be met)
  • Completion of all major and minor requirements as required by both degrees
  • Academic good standing at the time of graduation (2.00 GPA or higher or as required by individual degree programs.)

Graduate Programs

A variety of options are available to those wishing to pursue an advanced degree. For a complete listing of our graduate program options, see our graduate degree page.

Certificate Programs

The University of Denver offers a variety of certificates at both undergraduate and graduate levels.