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Office of the Registrar

Subject Codes & Course Numbers

Subject Codes

Subject Code table provides a translation between subject codes and the subject taught within the University of Denver's catalog. Active subject codes are indicated by a check mark appearing on that line in the table.

Department/Major Codes

Department/major codes were used in place of subject codes at the University until the 1984-85 academic year. This table provides a translation between department/major codes and the subject code. Department/major codes appear in publications prior to 1984-85 and on imaged, paper transcripts.

Course Numbers

0001-0999  Pre-collegiate, remedial or continuing education
1000-1999 Undergraduate (lower division)
2000-2999 Advanced undergraduate (upper division)
3000-3999 Advanced undergraduate and Graduate
4000-5999 Graduate
6000-6999 Doctoral