Get Around Roadblocks

You must be officially registered in a course to attend it and earn its credits. Current and continuing students generally get priority registration — the more credit hours you've completed, the earlier we'll allow you to register for classes. Exceptions include students with special needs, honors students and varsity athletes.

If you receive an error when trying to register for a class, finish registering for all other courses you want to take first. This ensures you get into the majority of your classes.

The following is a list of potential reasons you might be prevented from registering.

  • You have one or more holds on your account preventing you from registering.
  • The course is closed, either because it's full or too few students enrolled. Learn about how to get on a waitlist.
  • We issued you a time assignment for registering, and your time hasn't yet come. Check your assigned time ticket by logging into your MyDU account and viewing your registration status.
  • You're a graduate student elsewhere who's visiting DU, or you're taking graduate courses but aren't enrolled in a degree program, and you haven't yet submitted the required Special Status Form. (Note: This does not apply to those in the Daniels College of Business.) This form must be submitted each quarter to ensure you can register for classes.
  • As a visiting, non-degree-seeking or special-status student, you won't be cleared to take classes until the first week of the term.
  • You're a non-U.S. Citizen who must contact the Office of International Admission at 303-871-2790 before registering.
  • You must complete an Application for Independent Study, Independent Research or Directed Study. Visit the Registrar's office on the ground level of University Hall to complete and submit this form.
  • You are attempting to register for a course you've already taken.
  • The course has prerequisites you haven't fulfilled. Check the online class schedule on MyDU for updated information about prerequisites. If you've transferred credits to DU and aren't sure if they're acceptable as prerequisites, contact the department offering the course you'd like to take.
  • For certain courses, you may need to get approval from a specific department or the Registrar's office before you can register. To request approval to register for a course, or to request an override of a course restriction, contact the department offering the course you wish to take, preferably before registration opens. (This is particularly important if you're taking a study-abroad course.)

If you think you've been blocked from a course by error, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-871-4095.

Click here for Registration Instructions.